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The Egyptian Student Union

What is The Egyptian Student Union?

The Egyptian Student Union is an organization aiming to unite three million private and public university students under one umbrella to speak as one and act as one.

This Union is not our invention!

The Egyptian Student Union was operating until its self-destruction, having been aborted by the decree of 1979. This Union was represented in the People’s Assembly and presented the problems, the hopes, and the dreams of Egyptian Students directly to the President of the Republic. There was an attempt to reinstate it in the summer of 2010 by the American University in Cairo’s student union, but, instead, was thwarted by state security.


Why do we need to form the Egyptian Student Union?

The Egyptian universities were once houses of knowledge, schools for politics, and beacons for the rational. They were the biggest school for the creation of correct political policy. The university was a measuring-stick for the nation’s pulse. The students participated in the revolution against the occupation and against corruption for the freedom of Egypt.

The revolution demonstrated that the youth and the workers are the backbone of the Egyptian community. The youth advanced and called for the revolution and the labor strikes which led to the success of the revolution. Most of these young people were university students. There are three million students in public and private universities in Egypt, but, unfortunately, they are not united. If we succeed in unifying all of these students, perhaps we will have a strong political force; maybe we can affect the political situation in Egypt in a positive way.

The Egyptian Student Union must work on the students’ situation and reinvigorate them to go out into professional life. Then, they will be able to work for the good of our beloved Egypt.


Who are we?

We are a group of university students who have witnessed attempts to restart the work of The Egyptian Student Union that was once brought down by state security. Despite past failures, we still think that we will be able to fulfill the dream, restore ideas for action, and continue these attempts. Right now we are gathering all of the student unions from all of the Egyptian universities and are dispersing the idea among students of these universities. If you want help, please join us in spreading this idea.


Translation by Kristen Alff.

Translation reviewed by Elias Saba.


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