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Dr. Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Magid Salih: Candidate for member of the High Commission of the Wafd Party

—Member of the Wafd party since 1978.
—Obtained a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Engineering from the School of Engineering at the Cairo University. Oversaw numerous Master’s thesis and Doctoral dissertations and presented his research in numerous academic conferences.

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Gamal ‘Abd al-Muhsin: “Medical and scientific circles will be amazed with my ways”

I am attempting to reach the largest possible number of Muslims and Copts of Egypt, hoping that you can help me by shedding light on my idea and spreading my manner of thinking. I am fully prepared to debate my methods with the medical scholars and practically apply these methods to illnesses. People in medical and scientific circles will be amazed with my ways, which will benefit the people with the help of God.

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The Independent Party of Egypt: Stay Positive

Here is the great people of Egypt that wanted life, and here is destiny complying. After the honorable Egyptian people proved that they are the pillars of the nation and the impetus for progress, and after Egypt’s soils are watered with the pure blood of her children, it became incumbent upon every Egyptian to become a brick in structure of the nation. For this, the Independent Party of Egypt was born.

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The Egyptian Socialist Party

Labour Day has a special taste this year because it will not descend into “President, our bonus!”, because the bonus is a right separate from the holiday and because the president has unregrettably traveled. The first of May comes months after the revolution of January 25th, the fall of the head of the regime and the continual struggle of the workers of Egypt to complete the revolution.

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The General Features of Dr. Mukbil’s Agenda

The General Features of Doctor Mukbil’s Agenda
Justice – Renaissance – Freedom

-Serving justice by swift judgment, proposing immediate sentencing, and the direct implementation of verdicts before criminals leave police departments

-The application of shari’a in full, and I welcome to the discussion table all who disagree with me

-We are trying to arrive at the application of absolute justice similar to prosperous states.

-Justice such that each citizen obtain his personal, communal, and material rights without intermediary, favoritism, or bribery

-The establishment of private colleges for the judiciary outside of the Faculty of Law.

-Admission to universities for judges, police, and soldiers of the military through the Coordination Bureau

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In Disagreement with the Constitutional Amendments

In order to make Egypt better – I totally agree with voting by national number and by means of the Internet and other ways – However, I don’t agree with the constitutional revisions of March 19th, 2011 – I demand a new Constitution or that the 1954 Constitution be put into effect – I ask all Egyptians to say “No No No No No” on March 19th, 2011 – God willing.

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Dostour 2011, Vol. 4

Only one word – politically and legally – is discriminating between guaranteeing the security of the people to make the revolution succeed and the old guard sidestepping it – along with the swindlers in the Supreme Council – in order to bring back the regime – that is, the Constitution – the corrupt Hosni Mubarak, after the people overthrew him by way of revolution.

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For a Better Egypt

I am positive, and I will share my thoughts and plans.

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The Union of Popular Areas

The Union of Popular Areas announces an invitation to a revolutionary million man demonstration, striving through peaceful and legal means, applying the principles of freedom and justice

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Million Man March, Friday 27th of May

I will go to the square because I don’t sense any change; my brothers are in prison and the man we deposed is in Sharm.

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Declaration of Freedom

The citizen is the source of all authority, and no authority surpasses the authority of the citizen.

Independent Judiciary
Elected Administrative Government
The People’s Police
The Army

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Ayman Ahmad Salim: “Letter…to the Muslim and Christian People of Egypt”

I am an Egyptian citizen and an engineering officer in the Armed Forces. I’ve worked in Military Intelligence from 1993 until now. I’m sending a sincere message from the heart to the Egyptian people in order to fix our country.

I request the Egyptian people to go out on Friday, December 10, 2010, after Friday prayers in front of mosques and churches, head to the Presidential Palace, and participate in civil disobedience demanding the fall of Mubarak. In the event of the army’s deployment

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