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The Union of Popular Areas

The Union of Popular Areas announces an invitation to a revolutionary million man demonstration, striving through peaceful and legal means, applying the principles of freedom and justice, demanding:

  • [handwritten addition] The postponement of the parliamentary elections
  • The formation of a civilian Presidential Council
  • Quickly holding the trial of Mubarak and his sons (in a public trial)
  • The immediate release of the prisoners whose criminal charges have not been proved
  • Full provision of healthcare for the injured and wounded revolutionaries
  • Development of the slums
  • Raising wages for workers
  • Holding Muhammad Nasr al-Din ‘Allam accountable for the unfavourable Nile water agreement
  • Alleviating the suffering of the people (cutting prices on food and consumer items)
  • Combating companies that have monopolies, like the gas monopoly, and increasing punishments for the perpetrators (‘Ali Maslahi and Samih Fahmi)
  • Raising pensions and care for the elderly
  • Provision of housing for the youth
  • Implementation of a law putting a lower limit (1500 EGP) and an upper limit on monthly wages
  • Ending the law on demonstrations and sit-ins as this law removes individual freedom and the freedom of the workers
  • Freedom of opinion for the individual, press, and media
  • Freeing the Egyptian Pound and stopping its floatation
  • Industrial projects to support young graduates
  • Seizing companies belonging to corrupt officials. (For it is good to provide a quota for the Egyptian people on foodstuffs and other things)
  • Dissolution of the Local Councils and removal of corrupt governors.
  • Seizing agricultural lands and others which were captured by the millions
  • Investigating the income of the Suez Canal Organization and their expenses
  • The trials of Fathi Surur, Safwat, and Zakariya ‘Azmi for the damage they caused to the country (public trials)


***And this is reconciled to God

***The Union is not associated with any party (independent)


The demonstrators came from every street, alley, and square with peasants and industrial workers. Any account would say that next Friday the voice of the revolution will be this: “We want the truth. We want our rights. We have had enough of silence. The age of truth won’t die. Wake up people! Wake up nation! For a long time we have been in distress. Shout. Tell the regime “No”. Hear me. We will die for truth and what it means. We will go out in the path of God, for I trust in the victory of God. We shall make sacrifices, but we will invigorate the feelings of each and every one of us. He who dies shall die a martyr’s death, even if you live long after the day of our return.


Our strength and protection oh Lord, oh Lord. Rasha Al-Mahdi [phone # redacted]

God is Great for the men of our country Muhammad Akrami [phone # redacted]

The Union of Popular Areas Muhammad Farahat [phone # redacted] Our Facebook Page/ “The Union of Popular Areas”


Great people of Egypt, we supported each other in breaking up the corrupt regime. The head has been removed but the figureheads of the regime have evaded the process so the snake’s skin can renew itself again. The regime wants to show us its strength so we need to howl as well with powerful determination, in solidarity and a with single voice, until we achieve victory. Since the deposed leader stepped down they have been playing with the people through their sharp trickery. The time has come for us to confront them and realize the aims of our pure people’s revolution which your stand and our stand mixed together with the blood of its martyrs and that of the noble martyrs of the army, the free officers. God and the people love you Egypt.


The demands of the free, revolutionary people who survived gunfire.


Acquired in early May 2011

Translated by Raphael Cormack

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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