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Communique from the Youths No One Knows


We didn’t know when we came out in revolt against the ousted regime that we would all split up after we had been one hand against oppression.


We didn’t know when we went out unafraid of death and ready for sacrifice that we would wrangle with one another over superficial gains which have nothing to do with the basic goal.


We were all nothing other than one mass against oppression, tyranny, corruption, theft, bribery, isolationism, prostration to Israel, subjection to America, the ubiquitous relinquishing of human rights and Egyptians’ honor, torture, the squandering of scientific capabilities, the banishing of scientists, the reign of ignorance, the gloom of reality, and the absence of a vision for the future.


All of us went out, men and women, young and old, Muslim and Christian, from every end of the spectrum, all ages and groups; not one of us had any goal in mind except Egypt’s best interest.


Everyone knew that the possibility of death was greater than the possibility of life, and that if he didn’t die beneath the boots of the Central Security Service, he would die beneath the wheels of their troop transport vehicles and cars, and that those who didn’t die from bullets would die from the smoke of shells that are no longer practicable.


Today, after events both large and small, after referendums and disagreements, we find that we did not achieve any of the revolution’s goals, except overthrowing the ousted President and thwarting the plans of the old regime’s pillars. Besides that, we have achieved nothing.


Today we see the Muslim Brotherhood accuse anyone who says “Constitution first” of being in league with Zionism and America, while liberals accuse the Brotherhood of opportunism and anyone who said yes to the referendum of ignorance. Meanwhile, the Salafis accuse al-Azhar of being too lax, and they accuse the July 8 revolutionaries of a bundle of American ideas, and the media accuses the Salafis of extremism, fanaticism, and of not belonging to the revolution from its beginning to the its end.


We, the Youths No One Knows, do not want any gains unless they are in Egypt’s best interests, and we do not want any spoils unless they will erve Egypt.


Nothing is dearer to us than to die for the cause of Egypt’s awakening, and we believe that if Egypt hadn’t stood up, then our generation and others would have died mounting another revolution, whose revolutionaries would not have fought over its spoils as in the Battle of Uhud.


Today we went out as unknown youths, just as we did on January 25, without participating in coalitions, movements, or parties, and we returned to our labors to build Egypt. We demand the following:


1. Abolishing military tribunals for youths, and holding these trials in front of natural judges instead.


2. Unifying the revolutionaries’ voice by electing spokespersons for the revolution, in order to negotiate with the Military Council.


3. Purging the judicial system in a way that upholds the legitimacy of the revolution.


4. Transferring the trials of those who killed revolutionaries and other supreme officials (Mubarak and al-’Adili) in this matter to a neutral department, and the dismissal of ‘Adil ‘Abd al-Salam Gum’a, who is charged of collaborating with the former State Security.


5. Implementing the recommendations of the National Reconciliation Conference.


6. Total justice and speedy decisions in cases connected with the rights of the martyrs.


7. Transparency in legal proceedings.


Acquired 8 July 2011

Translated by Brian Powell

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta

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