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Egyptians Are One Hand to Complete the Goals of the Revolution


We direct to you—our brothers, sons of the Egyptian revolution—a statement and a call that begins with our love for our Egypt and our protectiveness over its constituents’ coalition and ends with the success of our revolution and the realization of our goals. We say to you:


Tahrir Square is not exclusively for one party, movement, group, ideological following, or religion; rather it is for all those who carry Egyptian citizenship and wanted freedom and justice for all its constituents. We say to you:


First: We welcome all Egyptians from outside the Square who wanted to join the constellation of their revolutionary brothers.


Second: We and whoever else is in the Square represent in an integral part of the revolution and not the whole revolution; therefore our brothers who will come to us on Friday represent only an integral part of the revolution.


(We and they represent the revolution)


Welcome to you and to us; together we build Egypt, achieve the goals the revolution, avenge the blood of the martyrs, and achieve justice for our people.


Third: We hope that you revolutionaries of Egypt—in and out of the Square—will not raise divisive slogans, and that we will respect the popular will, for Egypt comes first.


Fourth: If you do not wish to refrain from raising decisive slogans, then each of us must respect the other’s wishes, according to the freedom to express opinions and demands in a peaceful, civilized manner. We have no right to kill our achievements with our own hands.


Fifth: We say to you that any aim that divides is evil, even if it were good. If you divide us, beware of evil telling us: you have killed your achievements with your own hands, turned your freedom into slavery, your victory into defeat, and your rosy dreams into terrible nightmares, and you have wasted the blood of the martyrs.


Finally: We hope that you swear an oath with our Lord that we will be one hand, one group, one preacher, and one imam.


Those committed are as follows:

1. The Free Islamic Coalition

2. The Salafist Da’wah

3. Youth of the [Muslim] Brotherhood

4. al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya

5. The Nahud Coalition of al-Azhar

6. Fada’i Group

7. Tahrir Revolutionaries’ Front

8. April 6 Youth Movement

9. Kefaya Movement

10. April 6 Democratic Youth Movement

11. The Democratic Front Party

12. Maspero Youth Union

13. Youth Bloc of Suez

14. The Independent Union for Egypt

15. The National Salvation Front

16. Union of Egypt’s Revolution

17. The Renaissance and Reform Association

18. Group of Independent Revolutionaries

19. Coalition of the Revolution’s Artists

20. Coalition of the Revolution’s Artists

21. Free Egypt Coalition

22. Sons of Egypt Party

23. Voice of the Square Youth Movement

24. We are the Egyptian People Movement

25. Front to Protect the Revolution

26. Youth of Egypt for Awareness Movement

27. Women of the Revolution Coalition

28. Lotus Coalition

29. Sons of Upper Egypt Coalition


Acquired 29 July 2011


Translated by Paul Kohlbry

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta


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