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announces its nomination of


‘Adil Fakhry Daniel, the Engineer


for President of the Arab Republic of Egypt


even though he has not announced his own candidacy


we request that he nominate himself


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Program of the Integrity Candidate for the Presidential Elections


This program must be brought about during the next three months. It aims to transform Egypt into a powerful nation that rises to the station accorded it by its history. It also aims to make Egyptians steadfast in their character, so that they can compete with developed nations and achieve an improved quality of life, as a result of the following measures:


1. The Egyptian state’s security, monitoring, and executive apparatuses should be restructured to guarantee internal stability, so that Egypt may have a strong foundation from within. The rulings issued on the corrupt individuals and figureheads of the previous regime should be rescinded, and instead the utmost punishments should be levied on them. Those who fled the regime should be brought to justice, and the money that the thieves stole from the people’s commonweal should be restored. Cultural artifacts that left Egypt during the corrupt years and up through today, should be returned to Egypt as well.


2. The minimum wage should be raised to 1200 Egyptian pounds, and pensions and salaries should be increased by 50% as the first step. Market prices should be fixed in order to preserve this increase, so that the Egyptian citizen can experience an improvement in his quality of life. New career fields should be opened up in order to reduce unemployment. Capitalism should be encouraged on a national scale, and the spirit of competition given free reign in order to improve the quality of goods and services and to bring about a level of local confidence and surplus production. Housing problems should be rectified, and a comprehensive healthcare system should be put in place for all classes of Egyptian society.


3. Free, high-quality bread should be produced and distributed widely, and new high-yield crops of wheat and grains should be planted. Resources should be allocated to developing Upper Egypt and other neglected areas in an effort to bring about societal justice.


4. Attention should be given to the plight of those with special needs and the minorities, without discrimination, so that they may exercise their rights fully. Judicial independence and the strict rule of law should be set up, because this is the guiding principle behind individual efforts to combat corruption and reduce it across all spheres of daily life. This means sentences should be made harsher, the sentencing process should be expedited, and the proper resources should be allocated to this part of government carefully and in an unbiased manner. The Egyptian citizen should furthermore renew his commitment to his obligations and to the full exercise of his rights. Furthermore, civil society and non-profit service organizations should be empowered to work with the restored security and executive apparatuses to enlighten the average Egyptian. This will uncover new prospects for Egypt and improve its infrastructure, such as by generating more electricity.


5. The education, cultural, and media sectors should cooperate for the common good of the Egyptian people, born anew in January but in need of further governance. Care should be given to each child’s education and the strength of his character. The family should also have a hand in raising him and preparing him to be a man of the future. Attention must be paid to his physical education (to promote a sound mind in a sound body) and to the use of his free time, so that the Egyptian people, who love soccer, may reach the World Cup in 2014.


6. A new constitution should be instituted for Egyptians that establishes a civil society and every Egyptian as a free person. The Egyptian armed forces should also be developed.


7. All international accords, treaties, mutual aid agreements, and previous contracts with foreign countries should be translated into Arabic and put up for review. This goes especially for the Camp David Accords and the Nile Waters Accord. They should be submitted for popular review and either endorsed or canceled. The utmost concern should be for cooperation between the Arab nations, who should commit themselves anew to strengthening ties and to solidarity behind the Palestinian people. They should be able to enjoy all of their rights and work towards lasting peace and justice. The enrichment of mankind will play a defining role in all areas of work. Each man will occupy the position best suited to his abilities, and all manner of opportunities will be extended to the next generation. That is our method for reaching the goals we hope to bring about. We will take into consideration the plight of our expatriate workers, considering them ambassadors of Egypt, encouraging them and providing for them. We will exempt all these Egyptians from paying taxes, for it doesn’t make sense for them to pay a poll tax to Egyptians living in Egypt. We will enact measures for what will be called “national participation” in accordance with each Egyptian’s ability and love for his fellow Egyptian.


This program has not been reviewed for signature. It is open to amendments, additions, and deletions by all Egyptians who care about political matters. Your comments and conversation welcomed. God is the granter of good fortune.


Acquired 22 July 2011

Translated by Andrew Alger

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta





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