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The Independent Teachers Union


The Completion of the Tasks of the Revolution or Civil Disobedience


… The people want to live … in dignity, freedom, and social justice ….. so has what they want been realized? Was the revolution only to depose Mubarak? Whoever says so is the one who wants to rule in his place and leave his policies and the cornerstones of his regime in place … Is the meaning of the revolution leaving 94 thousand advisers of state agencies with 350 thousand foreign experts demanding monthly salaries from 80 thousand to 2 million Egyptian pounds each month? Is the revolution that which makes a criminal of the one who demands that his family’s hunger be staunched, charging him for sit-ins and strikes? And in contrast, the military council and its government submits to the stockbrokers when it only hesitated at a tax being imposed, even just 5%. The businessmen refused and the military council submitted and complied with the request of the millionaires immediately. Of course nobody spoke then about classist demands, as if this country belonged to the rich only, and only they need to live in dignity. And they are not satisfied with that, but extort the people, terrorizing them by destabilizing security and smearing the revolution and revolutionaries with acts of thuggery and calling them thugs … it is like the eloquent popular proverb … “the … gives you what she has”. Then they terrorize the people more by saying that he who wants to continue the revolution “doesn’t want the country to work” … As if saying let us earn millions every month and shut up, “didn’t we bring Mubarak down for you?” As though the people must be satisfied with changing the thief and not ending “thievery” ……. We say to them …. don’t be deceived by your power ….. and the money of your businessmen, for the people will not give up on their revolution, which you are trying to steal from them, to the extent that you laugh at the people “long live the revolution .. but let the people die of hunger” …. You do not even recognize the martyrs of the revolution. Instead, you arrest their families .. and terrorize them after they refused the ploy of blood money. Indeed, we find the revolutionaries, rather than being in power, as in every other revolution, before military tribunals, or facing suspended sentences by military rulings threatening them if they demand their rights once again … For if your strength is your ammunition and your weapons and our money that you have .. then our power is that we will not let you prosper, at the expense of our blood and our lives, from the same Mubarak economy .. The revolution will take hold of this deteriorating economy because of its systematic corruption and your thievery and for no other reason. We will not work with the corrupt and the thieving … Revolution of the economy and labor is our task now, and do not forget that strikes and disobedience were what finished off Mubarak. So let you return to us our money. Our land .. Our rights .. Let the military council return to the barracks and maintain the security of the nation, not the security of the businessmen and its government, whose president challenged the ruling returning the Omar Effendi company and Egypt’s lands to the public treasury ……

How can you claim that you want to strengthen the economy while those who work earn less than a quarter of the national income and those who don’t work sieze more than ¾ of the economy? You resist the completion of the revolution’s tasks so that the people do not feel that it serves any purpose, so they blaspheme the revolution … But the people understand you well and their patience with you is the beginning of pushing through, and from Friday 8/7 .. they will confirm their strength, which they know well in strikes and civil disobedience ….. disobedience …….. disobedience ….. it is the cry of the square …….


((The Independent Teachers’ Union))


Acquired 8 July 2011

Translated by Alex Winder

Translation reviewed by Elias Saba

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