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The Solution to the Bread Problem


Greetings and Salutations,


We, the owners of the taba’i bakeries1, will attempt, with the Permission of God, to solve the bread problem, which is a result of the fact that the quota of ten 50-kg sacks of flour, is not enough in areas that have a large population and a small number of subsidized bakeries, which sell loaves for 5 piasters.


The solution to the bread problem is an increase in the quota for the taba’i bakeries from ten to twenty 50-kg sacks of flour. The quota of ten sacks is not enough to meet the demands of citizens, restaurants, and those who sell Kabobs. As a result, breakfast has become the only meal at which people can have bread. An increase in the quota for these bakeries will allow bread to be available all day for workers, and at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for citizens, restaurants, and Kabob salesmen. These taba’i bakeries have tasted a bitter fate at the hands of the officials of the Ministry of Food Supply. In 2004, these bakeries had a quota that was sixteen 50-kg sacks, and they were promised that this would become twenty. However, after their transformation from “baladi” bakeries to taba’i bakeries their quota became ten 50-kg sacks. All the while, the owners of these bakeries had to pay the insurance for their workers as well as capital gains taxes.


The revolutionaries must pay attention to the matter of bread because citizens cannot live without it. The revolutionaries must seek an increase in quotas from the Ministry of Food Distribution for these bakeries in order to address the growing population. These bakeries also must not be seen as “new bakeries” because the Ministry has reduced the quota of the old bakeries and given the work to new bakeries. This reduction has encouraged some people to create tuk-tuk2 bakeries that serve the countryside.


We want the revolutionaries to know that the person in control at the Ministry at the current time is Mr. Fathi ‘Abd al-’Aziz, the Supervisor and Director of Distribution. At this time he is doing the work of the Minister. He must supervise an increase in the production of wheat by the mills.

It is also necessary that the quota for the taba’i bakeries increase from ten to twenty sacks of flour so that that the bread problem may be solved. And it is necessary that they look to us, a group from among the people, to do what is best for the people.


Our Sincerest Thanks and Respect,

The Owners of Taba’i Bakeries



1Taba’i bread is a higher quality bread that sells for 20 piasters a loaf as opposed to the more traditional “Baladi” bread which sells for 5 piasters a loaf.


2A tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) is a three wheeled motorized scooter, used most often as a taxi in the agricultural areas of Egypt.



Acquired 22 July 2011

Translated by Omar Foda

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta



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