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Center for Trade Union and Worker Services

Winner of the French Republic Human Rights Prize


The Workers Want the Dissolution of the Union


After the verdict to dissolve the National Democratic Party, the Administrative Court ruled to dissolve all of the Local Councils. The reasons given for the court’s ruling were that “the Local Councils derived their legitimacy and existence from the previous regime that corrupted and destroyed everything beautiful in Egypt, and the Local Councils were among the tools used by the regime to achieve its goals.” This description also applies to the Union of Government Workers, which is another organization that derived its legitimacy from its dependence on the previous regime and from the membership of leaders of the dissolved National Democratic Party that bullied workers using the power of the disbanded State Security and Investigative Services. Moreover, this government union has been an instigator of hostility against the Egyptian Revolution since its outbreak on 25 January when it issued statements and hostile attitudes toward the revolution and its leaders participated in the demonstrations supporting the ousted president. There is no greater evidence supporting this than the fact that the president of this union, Husayn Mugawar, a member of the former People’s Assembly and the president of the Workforce Committee of that corrupt assembly, is now imprisoned pending investigation into the incidence of assault on the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square on 2 February, known in the media as the Battle of the Camel.


This union, despite all of the crimes against the rights of workers and citizens it committed—not only collaborating with departments of companies to force workers into early retirement or its leaders brokering the sale of public sector companies, but also that it was the administrator of the trade union for the previous regime that played a large role in setting the stage for the production of hereditary succession— despite all that, its leaders now claim to support the revolution and announce their faith in its principles in an attempt of circumvention and camouflage until the opportunity presents itself to them, along with the remainder of the opposition forces, so they can pounce on the revolution of the Egyptian people.


For this reason the government of Dr. Sharaf should not wait for the ruling of the court on the case demanding the dissolution of the union completely as it did in the cases of the National Democratic Party and the Local Councils. Instead, it must make a decision consistent with the slogan of the Egyptian Revolution “the people want the fall of the regime”: a decision for which millions of Egyptian workers whose rights were wasted by the union are waiting, a decision for which thousands of families of martyrs and victims of our great revolution are now waiting, a decision to dissolve the Union of Government Workers and to have trials for all of its corrupt leaders due to the sources of their wealth.


Center for Trade Union and Worker Services

8 July 2011


Acquired 8 July 2011


Translated by Alexandra Siegel

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson




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