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Statement of the Popular Front in Support of ‘Amr Moussa as President of Egypt

The Popular Front in support of ‘Amr Moussa for President of Egypt hereby announces that it will participate in the Friday protest today to affirm the sovereignty of the people who, after the 25 January Revolution, became the source of power.

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Justice is the Foundation of Governance

We will sit-in at the various squares starting from today until these demands are achieved, until we reach a solution for all of our national problems—the majority of which originate from legal issues, and until the elected head of the Supreme Constitutional Court commissioned with the administration of the country’s affairs cooperates with the Supreme Judicial Council…

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The Nur Party [Party of Light]: Derived from Principles and Goals

The Nur Party believes that Egypt’s history and civilization are the greatest among all nations. Egypt’s loyal sons must understand the need for Egypt to remain a source of light and inspiration for the world.

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Who will Monitor the Government and Hold it Accountable?

Monitor the work of the governor and the neighborhood head; monitor the progress of work in various district facilities (cleanliness, electricity, water, sanitation, road surfaces, etc.); direct problems and obstacles that neighborhood residents and workers in their domain face to those responsible.

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The Pact of Your Square

In the event of any medical emergency, proceed to any of the square’s hospitals: in the main garden of the square, next to the `Umar Makram mosque, and next to the Hardee’s.

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Let us Return to the Squares to Complete our Revolution

The revolution has returned to all of Egypt’s squares and streets yet again to complete its course. The masses are once again pouring into the squares to announce that the only legitimacy is that of the revolution and the people in the heart of the squares. They affirm the masses’ distrust and refusal of the Military Council and its government.

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Young Egypt Party: An Urgent Plan to Solve Egypt’s Current Crisis

Given the high-strung conditions that the country witnessed today, the abject failure in the administration of the country, and the numerous crimes committed against many of the nation’s children during the previous period and since the former president stepped down— we, feeling a sense of responsibility, hasten to put forward this plan. Perhaps it will halt the impending eruption of disaster and place the country on the path of positive change desired by the people. It will do this through the following measures:

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Ahmad Harara, Dentist

Those who betray the revolutionaries and say they are thugs and collaborators

who take commissions and have destroyed the country…

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The Movement of the Hungry

…to support the unemployed citizen

the unemployed under the poverty line…

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These Are Our Demands

After all of the blood which has flowed, and the pure souls destroyed on the threshold of freedom,

we, the youth of Egypt, announce

from the Square which will not negotiate…

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The Guardians of the Revolution Front

The Front confirms that the people’s demands will not be achieved except by descending into Tahrir Square and all the squares of Egypt. It says to all those who hesitate from participating that the demands of the revolution are in danger and that remnants of the National [Democratic] Party and the lackeys of the former regime are planning a counter-revolution to abort the Egyptian people’s uprising and return Egypt to its previous corruption, injustice, subservience, and submission to America, Israel, and all the nation’s enemies.

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The Wafd Party: The Right over Force, The Nation over Government

Sons of our great, free, struggling nation, together we have been shaken by a fierce battle in confronting a stubborn, prepared regime. We decided jointly on January 25 to bring down the state of poverty, oppression, subjugation and tyranny.

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