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After all of the blood which has flowed, and the pure souls destroyed on the threshold of freedom,


we, the youth of Egypt, announce

from the Square which will not negotiate:


These Are Our Demands


1. The dismissal of the leaders of the Military Council and their surrender to the court on the charge of murdering demonstrators.

2. The appointment of a transitional ruling council, consisting of Dr. Muhammad ElBaradei, Dr. Hussam ‘Isa, Dr. Hazim Sallah Abu Isma’il, Dr. ‘Abd al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futuh, and Dr. ‘Abd Allah al-Ash’al in addition to representatives from the four biggest parties—according to number of members, along with a representative from the Armed Forces not from the Military Council.

3. Holding elections for the People’s Assembly and Shura Council conducted on the previously agreed-upon dates.

4. Complete surrender of the institutions of the state to elected civilian power, including the military institution and the security and intelligence apparatus.

5. The empowering of the transitional council to form a national rescue government, which will include a specific ministry for the martyrs and the wounded. The first tasks of the government will be the freeing of all political prisoners, the recovery of plundered monies, the prosecution of the murder of revolutionaries, and the purging and restructuring of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Information in order to surrender the Interior Ministry to civilian leadership.

6—The ending of the leadership of the transitional council, with the election of a civilian president—who does not have any military background, by the end of April 2012 at the latest.


Finally we say to all who put their hand in the hand of the military

and sell and pawn the fate of the nation to realize personal and factional gains:


You are not one of us, and we are not of you.

God is the Victor and we turn to Him alone for aid.



Acquired on the morning of 23 November 2011


Translated by Cameron Hu

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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