Outline of an Urgent Plan to Solve Egypt’s Current Crisis

Cairo, 21 November 2011

Given the high-strung conditions that the country witnessed today, the abject failure in the administration of the country, and the numerous crimes committed against many of the nation’s children during the previous period and since the former president stepped down—we, feeling a sense of responsibility, hasten to put forward this plan. Perhaps it will halt the impending eruption of disaster and place the country on the path of positive change desired by the people. It will do this through the following measures:

  1. An immediate and spontaneous initiative to form a temporary “Leadership Council” comprised of members from the “Council of the Guardians of the Revolution” and the heads of all the legally registered parties to date (with the exclusion of the defunct National [Democratic] Party and those allied with it). It will undertake the following tasks:
    1. Bringing the administration of the country’s affairs by “The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces” to an immediate end (This is the function with which, groundlessly, the deposed president entrusted the Council, without any legitimacy.)
    2. Allowing the president of the Supreme Constitutional Court to temporarily assume power as the country’s president until a new president is elected (on the condition that his jurisdiction be that of a president in a parliamentary system)
    3. Choosing a new prime minister and forming a new cabinet, on the condition that the ministers be agreed upon by the majority of the Leadership Council
    4. Undertaking urgent and necessary legislative functions
  2. Removing the Attorney General on the condition that the High Judicial Council advance three other candidates for the position, and that the Leadership Council be entrusted with choosing one of them by majority rule
  3. The provisional and immediate suspension of all those occupying leadership positions in the defunct National [Democratic] Party—down to the district level—and likewise all of its members in the 2005 and 2010 parliaments. These individuals must also be prohibited from taking leadership positions in all state sectors. In other words, complete political suspension of all these individuals.

The suspension is provisional and should last until their criminal sentences are released by the court in accordance with the laws of political isolation.

  1. The immediate suspension of all military trials for civilians, the nullification of all sentences issued against civilians, the immediate release of all detainees, and a retrial in civil courts for all those who were previously tried in military courts.
  2. The formation of civil judiciary committees to investigate issues previously referred to the military prosecutor, such as the events of Maspero, the violation of girls’ virginity, the killing of demonstrators, the crimes of Tahrir, and so on.1
  3. Full payment of what is deserved by the martyrs and wounded of the revolution.


* * *


We appeal to all the political forces in our dear nation to adopt this suggested plan as a way to save the nation and its children from the continued shedding of their pure blood.


God is behind our purpose.


Sharif Rashid al-Sadafi, Engineer

President of the Young Egypt Party


1 The numbering on the original skips over 5 and 6 and goes straight from 4 to 7. In the translation, to avoid confusion, I have made the numbers sequential rather than adhering to the original.


Acquired on the morning of 23 November 2011

Translated by Alex Winder

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta




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