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From the Tahrir Revolutionaries to the Great Egyptian People

The First Statement


In view of the events that the country has witnessed and those opposing forces who conspire against the January 25th Revolution—at the top of the list the Military Council and its allies who follow the old regime in addition to certain political currents who seek their own self-interest at the expense of the goals of the revolution for which many Egyptians sacrificed their blood and lives;


and whereas the Military Council has lost its legitimacy after revealing its true face and going along with an inhumane oppression of the Egyptian people represented in its:


  1. Murder of Egypt’s sons and daughters with live ammunition and tear gas made for use in war against enemies
  2. Debasement and cruel torture of the Egyptian people
  3. Arrest of the sons, daughters, and figure heads of the revolution, and trying them in military court in an attempt to undermine the revolution
  4. Destruction of the economy and security of the country by using the same tactics of the old regime to distort the image of the revolution in the public eye;


the revolutionaries from the heart of Tahrir Square announce the following:


Firstly- immediately removing the Military Council from the administration of the country and discharging its members from their military positions by the evening of Thursday, 1/12/2011, thus ending the bloodshed.  If this condition is not met, any and all measures will be taken.


Secondly- Forming a civilian presidential council composed of the following members:

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Professor Hazim Sallah Abu Isma‘il, Dr. ‘Abd al-Mun‘im Abu al-Futuh, Professor Hamdayn al-Sabahi, and Dr. ‘Abd Allah al-Ash‘al.

This council has no more than one year to achieve the goals of the revolution, the most imperative of which are:

  1. Forming a committee to establish a new Constitution
  2. Holding parliamentary elections
  3. Holding presidential elections
  4. Cleansing every domestic institution and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Forming revolutionary tribunals to hold accountable those who committed crimes against Egypt
  6. Achieving social justice
  7. Forming revolutionary committees to get back stolen money and land


Long Live Free Egypt with Her Great People


Acquired 25 November 2011


Translated by Allegra O’Donoghue

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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