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It is the second massacre, oh Lord of the Ka’ba


The first was 28 January; its main characters were Mubarak and al-’Adili


Those who are a part of this second massacre number more than 33 martyrs and around 2000 injured, and the battle continues


After this massacre, Field Marshal Muhammad Tantawi issued a short statement, but it was pure rhetoric, not a statement at all. He began with a consolation for the families of the martyrs, thinking that such rhetoric could bandage these families’ wounds. It is as though, in the rationale of these leaders, the blood of Egyptian men and women were cheap. They use live ammunition to kill many of the people’s sons  and cause injury to others—injuries which often result in disability. Mubarak and al-’Adili  were the main characters of the first massacre. Who do you think issued the orders and armed his men with live ammunition in the battle? But the uncontested heroes of this battle were the youth of Egypt who, armed with nothing more than their livers, went out to express their will: No to Dr. ‘Ali al-Silmi’s document.


There have been many documents, but after all the violations committed against them in the ten months since the 25 January Revolution, the youths’ patience has run out.


Throughout this period, the youths have seen no advancements that could reassure them about Egypt’s future. The fate of our dear Egypt is the responsibility of us all, and affairs inside the country and out are deteriorating at a frightening pace. Egyptian citizens have become uneasy about the future of this faithful country, and could there be any causes for this—across the length and breadth of the country—other than chaos, a lack of sovereignty, a lack of respect for the law, and a lack of justice to reassure every citizen about his future? Justice is the basis of rule.


No to sultans, rulers, and judges whose sentences are not carried out. There is chaos across the length and breadth of the country, and prices have soared. A loaf of bread: a citizen cannot do without it, and yet he cannot get it. Oh people, have we reached a level of degradation where we cannot even get a loaf of bread?


Whose innocent blood was spilled on the path to lifting the burden off the Egyptian people?


Who armed the attackers? Who ordered them to fire live ammunition into the chests of Egypt’s sons? We were expecting the Field Marshal’s statement to present these criminals (who killed unarmed sons from among dear Egypt’s loyal citizens) and turn them over to the people.


We place the responsibility for the deaths of these martyrs and their innocent blood first and foremost upon the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), in its role as the protector of all citizens in the land of Egypt. We also place responsibility on ‘Isam Sharaf’s ministry and the men of the Interior whom we saw on all the media outlets. Indeed, the entire world witnessed with us the degradation and insults faced by those who were injured, as well as the degradation of the martyrs, whose corpses were thrown into the garbage as if they were animals. Aren’t these terrible scenes… scenes that hurt every Egyptian citizen concerned for Egypt’s sons… and what crime did these martyrs commit?! All they did was exercise the rights guaranteed to them by the constitution and go out to occupy in Tahrir Square. They were steadfast and never attacked, and none of them ever carried a single stone or projectile. In other words, they were peaceful; they were expressing their discontent with the condition  our dear Egypt is currently in and which is the responsibility of us all.


Let the SCAF and ‘Isam Sharaf’s ministry know that innocent blood was not and will not rest quietly in the hearts of mothers and fathers until the criminals who murdered their sons and mutilated their corpses are brought before global general opinion, so that everyone will know that Egyptian blood is not as the criminals think; Egyptians are not rats or sheep to be offered as a sacrifice after the days of al-Adha. SCAF  swore in its very first decision never to fire a single shot at the chest of any Egyptian. They pledged to transfer the country to a civilian authority after six months, a period which expired and has now been extended to the end of 2012… We are now demanding first: that the criminals and those who gave them live ammunition and ordered them to attack Egypt’s sons be brought forward with the utmost haste. This time it wasn’t Mubarak or al-’Adili, so where are the criminals? We are also demanding that a Supreme National Council composed of Egypt’s sons be formed and take on the leadership of the country until affairs are stabilized and natural life returns to our dear Egypt.


We also say that the people haven’t chosen a single presidential candidate for Egypt, nor have they nominated a single one of them to take on the Salvation Government. There must be a savior for the country, and the people must be in unanimous agreement about his powers and abilities to save this suffering country.


God is great; glory unto Him


The Leader of the Popular Resistance

Hafiz Salama



Acquired 25 November 2011


Translated by Paul Kohlbry and Emily Drumsta

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