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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

“God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will make them successors in the land in the same way that He mae those who were before them successors, and that He will establish for them their religion that He has approved for them and that he will give them in exchange security after their fear: ‘They shall serve Me and those who disbelieve after that—they are reprobates” (Q NUR 24:55)


Press Office for

The Liberation Party

Egypt Branch


Tuesday, 4 Dhu al-Hijja, 1362            31/10/2011                  no. 15/11


Press Release


“To Clarify”


Hizb-ut-Tahrir [The Liberation Party] – Egypt Branch: We have no relation to the Egyptian Sufi Liberation Party or the New Shi’i Liberation Party. We are a political party working to establish an orthodox Islamic caliphate.


We noticed while distributing our publications and publicity materials that some media outlets are—intentionally or unintentionally—conflating between the Liberation Party, Egypt Branch, which was founded by the great scholar from al-Azhar, the judge Shaykh Taqi al-Din al-Nabhani, may God have mercy on him, almost 60 years ago, and the Egyptian Sufi Liberation Party which was founded by Muhammad Abu al-Aza’im almost five months ago and the New Shi’i Liberation Party which was founded by Dr. Ahmad Al Nafis weeks ago.


To avoid this confusion, and until the media does its job by not confusing the matter among the people, we in the Liberation Party— Egypt Branch clarify the following:


  1. The Liberation Party— Egypt Branch is a political party whose principle is Islam and nothing but Islam. It works for the establishment of an orthodox Islamic caliphate according to the manner of the prophecy. A state that governs according to what God has revealed, applies the law of God on Earth, resumes Islamic life, and unites the Islamic countries in one state so as to return Muslims to their pride and so that they may take precedence among nations.
  2. The Liberation Party was founded by the judge Shaykh Taqi al-Din al-Nabhani in 1953, i.e., before these two parties by nearly sixty years. Since that time it has been calling for the most important issue for Muslims in Egypt: establishing an orthodox Islamic caliphate. Wherever the caliphate is mentioned so is the Liberation Party, and wherever the Liberation Party is mentioned, so is the caliphate.
  3. The Liberation Party is not a Sufi party or a Shi’i party or any other party. Rather, it is a political party whose principle is Islam and which does not adopt anything other than the rules of Islam. It is from the Islamic community and works with and in the nation, for the sake of promoting a proper renaissance to live according to Islam in the lands of Islam. It has used the name since its founding to indicate the liberation of Muslims from subordination to the infidel West, its ideas and its systems.
  4. The Liberation Party does not use violence and material methods to achieve its goals. Rather it peacefully asks support from the owners of power and the resistance in the nation, as the prophet (prayers and peace upon him) did when he requested support from the partisans of Medina.
  5. The Liberation Party is not connected in any way at all to the Egyptian Sufi Liberation Party which was founded by Abu al-Aza’im or the New Shi’i Liberation Party which was founded by Ahmad Al Nafis, and both of which use our name despite the clear and obvious differences in approach and goal.
  6. Moreover, we call on these two parties and on all others: to reject the appeals to democracy, liberalism and nationalism which they call for but which contradicts the doctrines of Islam and the rulings of Islamic law; to replace this name which has been tied to the Liberation Party since 1953; and to work for the establishment of God’s law in the state and the society instead of promoting Western ideas intentionally or unintentionally. For God, praised and exalted, will ask them and judge them on that on Judgment Day. “And ‘This is my path, straight. Follow it and do not follow [other] ways lest they take you away from His path” (Q AN’AM 6:153).
  7. We call on our people in Egypt and in all Islamic countries to work with the Liberation Party to establish an Islamic caliphate which God has imposed upon them and which alone will bring salvation; and to reject what the infidel West has marketed to us i.e., democracy, liberalism, secularism and nationalism.


God, truly we have achieved, God, I witness.


“God was master of his affair, but most of the people do not know [that]” (Q YUSUF 12:21)



Press office for the Liberation Party

Egypt Branch


4 Jarin St. which splits off from 26 July Street in from of the Supreme Court- Tawfiqiyya – [phone # redacted]

E-mail: [redacted]

Liberation Party website


Press office website


Qur’anic translations come from The Qur’an: Translated into English by Alan Jones (Exeter: Gibb Memorial Trust, 2007)


Acquired 25 November 2012


Translated by Stephen Kalin

Translation reviewed by Elias Saba



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