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The Shadow Government Representing the Youth of the Revolution

Reclaiming the Revolution


More than eight months after the 25 January Revolution, power has not yet been transferred to the youth and the change for the sake of which all the citizens acted has not happened. Instead, events are becoming increasingly worse day after day to deliberately and purposefully make this revolution fail. The presence of the Military Council is nothing but a line of defense for Mubarak, the figureheads of his regime, and the centers of power within and outside of Egypt.


In accordance with the circumstances in which Egypt is now living—including the distortion of the revolution, application of the emergency law, the lack of clear, established rules for achieving social justice, and the insistence on creating a weak People’s Assembly subservient to the Military Council and unrepresentative of the people and the revolution—we call on the great Egyptian people to continue the revolution until all the demands of the revolution are met and complete power is transferred to the people.


We proclaim the following demands:


1 – Cancel the emergency law which is not implemented except against political opposition and is considered unconstitutional in light of the second constitutional declaration approved by the Military Council which stipulates in Article 59 that “in all cases, announcement of a state of emergency is for a fixed period which does not exceed a period of six months, the duration of which is not to be extended except by a popular referendum agreeing to such.” Therefore, Presidential Resolution #126 of the year 2010 to extend the state of emergency to confront the danger of terrorism, upon which the Military Council relies for implementation of the state of emergency, is tacitly invalid under the text of that Article as the state of emergency had been applied for longer than six months.


2 – Make a law to remove all members of the National Party from politics along with anyone who held an executive position from general manager to Prime Minister and all military or police leaders who undertook civil work during the period of Sadat and the deposed Mubarak.


3 – Stop military trials, cancel the judgments made against the youth of the revolution, and immediately free those imprisoned.


4 – Make a time table for the transfer of power to the people that guarantees elections for the People’s Assembly, the Shura Council, and the presidency no later than 25 January 2012.


5 – Put in place real mechanisms to grant independence to the judges, the media, and the Noble al-Azhar.


6 – The resignation of all university leaders, without exception, and holding fair elections without limiting the participation of the youth.


7 – Enact minimum and maximum wages.


8 – Stop the judicial and political futility of the trials of Mubarak and the figureheads of his regime by putting in place guarantees for their fairness.


9 – Immediate and serious action to recover the people’s money, which Mubarak and the figureheads of the regime smuggled out of Egypt.


10 – The resignation of all the leaders of the regulatory bodies and the strategic and national companies of the state.


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Acquired 1 October 2011


Translated by Stephen Kalin

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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