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Friday 5/27/2011

The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance

(Under Construction)

We Will Not Give Up on the Revolution and We Will Not Make Do with a Quarter Revolution

Why did we go out today into the squares and streets of Egypt?

-          Because we object to the Military Council’s delay of the trials of the leaders of the past regime that stole the money of the people,  toxic torment, and indulgence of Mubarak and his family. Meanwhile the Council treats peaceful protests with excessive harshness, such as insulting and torturing the protesters in front of the Israeli embassy.

-          Because we see that not only are the Military Council and the government not serious in liquidating the leaders of the old regime in different institutions, but they are also calling for some of them to participate in the alleged national dialogue sessions and are honoring others with appointments in the governorates.

-          Because the media, which the Military Council rules with a vice grip, misleads the people just as it did during its former era . Not only do some journalists not place the Council above criticism, but they are also paving the way to build a new tyranny comprised of the Military Council and its members.

-          Because the restoration of security is one of our most important demands. We hold the Military Council and the government responsible for failing to provide security for the people because of its failure to hold police officers who were involved in crimes of murder and torture accountable and its failure to take effective measures to purge the police apparatus and rebuild it on a new foundation.

-           Because we are disturbed to the highest degree by the lack of determination in dealing with those causing sectarian strife, despite their multiplicity.

-          Because the Military Council and media’s statements try to hold the people and their demands for social justice responsible for the country’s bad economic conditions despite the fact that the principle cause of this is the lack of restoration of security and the increasing popular refusal of  the road map that the Military Council put in place to guide the transitional phase.

For all these reasons we are not assured of the competency of the Military Council, its ability to run the country in this transitional phase, or its effective management of future challenges our country will face over the next decades. So for this reason we call on the national leadership, the leaders of the youth alliances, the leaders  of the independent unions, and all people concerned with the protection of the revolution of the Egyptian people to:

1)      Administer a true national dialogue to form a presidential council the majority of which is comprised of civilians that possess the necessary legitimacy to administer the country during the transitional period and are committed to completing the goals of the revolution.

2)      Build a road map for the transitional period that guarantees the creation of a new Constitution for the country first, before holding any elections and before the formation of an elected assembly that ensures a broad national consensus and guarantees the representation of every sector of the people from different religions and political ideologies. A Constitution of any country is more dangerous when formed by committee chosen at the discretion of a parliament—even if it is elected.

3)      Review all laws that were issued by decree without a social, foremost the laws criminalizing strikes, demonstrations, and sit-ins as well as the party law and the law of direct political rights. Stop issuing any new laws without wide dialogue between the people and the political powers.

We look forward to the Military Council accepting everything that the people demand of them: protecting  the country from dangers of which only God knows the extent.

Total Democracy for the People…Total Dedication to the Country



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Acquired 2 June 2011


Translated by Alexandra Siegel

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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