No to Ganzuri’s Nominations… No to Yellow Unions…


In light of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ continued oppression of the revolution, primarily its insistence that Ganzuri form a new government even though Tahrir’s revolutionaries have called for an emergency government that would have total authority so that it can be held accountable, we oppose these nominations. In light of Ganzuri’s frequent meetings with individuals nominated for ministerial positions, in particular the Ministry of Labor and Immigration (people like Ahmad Abd al-Zahir – or Isma’il Fahmy…) and others about whom the least that can be said is that they are the enemies of all Egyptian workers, that they are opposed to any real labor associations, and for that reason are vehemently fighting the new independent unions we oppose these nominations. These unions reveal to them—and to everyone—that they are the beginning of the path towards organized labor; they organize their protests in order to demand worker’s rights.


For that reason, we see that we, as a fundamental part of the Egyptian Revolution, when the revolution first emerged victorious by removing of the head of the regime, Mubarak, we were able to obtain the state’s recognition as independent unions. At the event of any oppression or any attempt at stop the revolution, they stand against our freedom of association, and they fight us with all their power. For this reason, our fates and the fates of Egypt’s workers is tied to the victory of the Egyptian Revolution. For this reason, we are continuing our revolution until we realize its goals, which were entrenched in its motto, “Change – Freedom – Social Justice.”


We join today in order to call for:


1- Forming a civil presidential council;

3- Issuing the long-awaited Syndicate Freedom Law in order to realize the workers’ aspirations;

4- Canceling military trials for civilians, and trying the criminals who murdered the martyrs, be it during January 25 or the Maspero Massacre, or in the events of Muhammad Mahmud street.

5- Canceling the law that criminalizes sit-ins and strikes;

6- Quickly setting the maximum and minimum for wages, and indexing them to prices.



The Egyptian Alliance of Independent Unions

Friday December 2, 2011

Acquired 3 December, 2012

Translated by Murad Idris

Translation reviewed by Elias Saba


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