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Why We Are Voting for the Islamists


And why we are rejecting the secularists and the liberals.

My Muslim brother and my Muslim sister…My brother voter and my sister voter

It is legally incumbent upon us to vote for the Islamist trend and the Islamist trend alone, because it is a testimony about which we will be asked when we are between the hands of God, may He be glorified and exalted. For if you are asked why you gave your vote to one of the Islamists, your answer will be, “Because I wanted it to be possible for God’s religion to be on earth, and for God’s sharia’ to rule the world with religion.” This is desired by every Muslim content with God as Lord, with Islam as a religion, and with Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him, as a prophet and messenger. This is what we can do to share in God’s positive attributes. We will give our votes and direct others than ourselves to give theirs to whomever implements God’s sharia’ and rules us in accordance with the Qur’an because in this lies the goodness of this world and the next. Whoever desires an honorable life must live under the shelter of Islam and keep with Islamic sharia’, but whoever opposes this religion forsakes this world and the next. So says our Lord, may he be glorified and exalted, “But whoso turneth away from my monition, his truly shall be the life of misery: And We will assemble him with others on the day of Resurrection, blind.”

Thus, we reject the secularists and the liberals because they differ from this command with respect to their platforms, their words, their actions, and by definition. For I say unto you:


First: The Secularists:


We reject them because they separate religion from everyday life, and they give the right of legislation to themselves. They declare unlawful what God has declared lawful, and they declare lawful what God has declared unlawful when it is convenient for them and their political platforms. Their position is that whoever wants to profess to be a Muslim or adorn himself in Islam just has to go worship inside the mosques. Then, when he exits the mosque, religion has no relation with everyday life. This is in contradiction to what Islam wills and to what it impels us to do, which is to live in accordance with our religion all of the time, in all interactions. One’s religion does not stop for an instant; religion governs a person in the mosque, in the street, in his interactions, in marriage, and in every aspect of life.


Then, why we reject the liberals…..


Liberalism is the absolute freedom that is not governed by any religion except public law. You can do whatever you want, when you want, without restraint…so if you want to commit adultery, that’s your personal freedom. If you want to engage in usury, that’s your person freedom. If you want to engage in debauchery and drink wine, that’s your personal freedom. The important part is that what you do does not infringe upon or damage the general security of others…As you can see, this is the farthest thing from God’s religion and from the nature of this pure and pious people. Therefore we reject it wholeheartedly and we reject whoever declares that he subscribes to it and adopts its tenets. So let your slogan during this crucial period be “Islamist-Islamist” in defiance of secularism and liberalism.

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Qur’anic translation from The Qur’an: Translated into English by Alan Jones (Exeter: Gibb Memorial Trust, 2007)


Acquired 25 November 2011


Translated by Brian Torro

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson

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