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April 6th Youth Movement (The Democratic Front)

25th Council Campaign

What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?

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What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?

It means that anyone who has reached 18 years of age has the right to vote for his or her representative.

What Does “Individual Election” Mean?

It means the electoral rounds are divided up according to the number of members of the People’s Assembly.  In each round, there are 2 candidates: one from the upper classes, and one from the class of the workers and peasants.  You must then choose only 2 from among all of the candidates in your round.

What Does “Proportional List” Mean?

It means the electoral rounds are a bit larger, meaning that there are lists for each standing party.  When you go to vote, you vote for the entire party list, and the number of seats in a round is divided according to the percentage of votes for each list.

This means, for example, if there are 100 votes in a single round, and there are 10 seats available and 3 lists, parties A, B, and C:

Party A gets 60 votes, Party B gets 20 votes, and Party C gets 20 votes

Then Party A gets 6 seats in Parliament, Party B 2 seats, and Party C 2 seats.

Make sure you understand the list system so that your vote isn’t nullified.


And of course, you’ve got to look out for any that you’ve seen in the National Party beforehand and beware of voting for them if you find them on any list.

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Acquired 18 November 2011


Translated by Thomas Levi Thompson

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta

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