About Tahrir Documents

Initiated in March 2011, Tahrir Documents is an ongoing effort to archive and translate activist papers from the 2011 Egyptian uprising and its aftermath. Materials are collected from demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and published in complete English translation alongside scans of the original documents. The project is not affiliated with any political organization, Egyptian or otherwise.

For media inquiries and other information please write to tahrirdocuments@gmail.com. We welcome the submission of materials for translation and publication on the website.



Editors: Cameron Hu, Levi Thompson, Elias Saba, Emily Drumsta

Design: Robin McDowell

Intern: Paulina Saba

Contributing Translators (as of August 11, 2011):

Adelaide Byrum, Adrian Wood-Smith, Alex Winder, Alexander Brock, Alexandra Blackman, Allegra O’Donoghue, Alina Mülhauser, Andrea Okorley, Andrew Alger, Andrew Leber, Andrew Ver Steegh, Brian Powell, Brian Torro, Brittany Piovesan, Cameron Hu, Chris Opila, Claire Cooley, Dana Moss, Dina Yehia, Doaa Mohamed, Elias Saba, Elley Cannon, Emily Drumsta, Emma Moros, Galal Ali, Hatem Sabry, Heather Sweetser, Hossam Abouzahr, James Franklin, Jeremy Farrell, Jeremy Siegman, Jessica Claycomb, Jonathan Endelman, Kaley Schroeder, Kristen Alff, Kristine Anderson, Lev Weitz, Levi Thompson, Macey Stapleton, Mary Elston, Maryah Converse, Matt  Groh, Michael Kellner, Noga Malkin, Omar Foda, Paul Kohlbry, Rachel Antonsen, Raph Cormack, Raphael Vagliano, Rawad Zahi Wehbe, Renee Coe, Sarah Layton, Schadi Semnani, Sierra Millman, Stephanie Gallo, Stephen Kalin, Susan MacDougall, Tara Hess, Thomas Odell, Tim Friese, Will Picard, Yamila Irizarry-Gerould, Yasmeen Mekawy, Zoe Kosoff