A Citizen’s Dreams

And oh sweet ones, we want the presidential palaces

To become hotels that will make millions.

A republic, oh you best of men, where no parliamentarian

Serves for more than two terms.

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A Letter From Egypt by Hani Hafiz

Once upon a time we used to wage war in the name of God and say to the world: “We are Muslims ruled by God’s Qur’an and the Sunna of Muhammad, peace be upon him.” And those who died would be considered martyrs who would go to heaven. And our conquests ended successfully in Egypt and many other countries, thanks be to God.

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The President of Egypt by Hani Hafiz

A president who loves our Lord and loves Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him

A president who loves our people, who does not rule them with the Emergency Law or order them around

The president of Egypt is not idle; he takes his people’s money and thinks Egypt and her people are his own personal property.

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Egypt’s Children Are Not Street Children by Hani Hafiz

They are not street children ♫ They are Egypt’s children

A president living in palaces, and with him his followers

♫ Egypt’s children are living in slums, under bridges, and on sidewalks

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The Second Marriage by Hani Hafiz

While I was in Tahrir, I got married for the second time

They told me, “One is enough.”

I said, “It is acceptable for me to have the second, as long as she comes first and not second.”

They said, “Of course she is a young and beautiful girl.”

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The Liberation Party [Hizb al-Tahrir]: To Clarify

Hizb-ut-Tahrir [The Liberation Party] – Egypt Branch: We have no relation to the Egyptian Sufi Liberation Party or the New Shi’i Liberation Party. We are a political party working to establish an orthodox Islamic caliphate.

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A Day in the Life of Someone Who is Fasting

Do you want to protect yourself from 50,000 years of thirst on Judgment Day? When you fast for one day during Ramadan, you fast for fourteen hours, roughly 50,000 seconds. So can you believe that fasting for just 50,000 seconds during Ramadan protects you from having to endure 50,000 years of thirst on Judgment Day?

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In Egypt’s Name

I will talk with you, youth, men and women, servants and Sheikhs before me. I say to all of you: make loving Egypt the most important thing in your hearts, help Egypt advance and develop, and all of you, all Egyptians, listen to the secrets that this page contains.

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The Crisis of Human Rights in Egypt

On 19 November 2011, Egyptians again went out into Egypt’s streets and squares to demonstrate peacefully. The demonstrators were demanding a truly democratic, civilian state, similar to what they had dreamed of in January. Soldiers of the police and soldiers of the Armed Forces met them with excessive force, which led to the death of dozens of Egyptians and the injury of more than 3,000 peaceful, unarmed demonstrators.

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The Amana Companies Consortium and their Branches

Know your rights; confirm the existence of the company, how long it has been in business, and its address. These licenses are only given to those who hold qualifications making them eligible for this job.

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The Egyptian People Are Awake. They Will Not Be Laughed At, Nor Be Afraid Again!

Councilor Ahmad Makki, first deputy of the Court of Cassation, says: The Supreme Judicial Council has no authority over the judges. He added that the Supreme Judicial Council’s statement in this regard was directed towards the media and not the judges

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Carlos Latuff, The Revolution’s Illustrator

Most of his cartoons revolve around the Middle East, especially the Palestinian cause and the American invasion of Iraq. Often, they are critical of the United States and Israel, or sympathetic to Arabs and Muslims. In one of his series of cartoons, Latuff portrays Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, American president George W. Bush, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, British prime minister Tony Blair, and other politicians as brutes or Nazis.

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