The Revolution’s Doctors Deny Tea Poisoning Rumor

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Recommendations of the Tahrir Doctors Regarding Emergency Care in the Square

Since we believe that citizens are entitled to medical attention and to receive treatment as fast as possible, which is what preserves their safety, dignity, and health, we recommend:

Compliance with the scientific bases by transferring the sick to ambulances using medical stretchers. The safety of the sick person should be insured while he is being moved.

That those responsible for medical units verify their employees. Diagnosis and providing emergency medical services should be done by doctors, pharmacists, and nurses under the supervision of the doctor responsible for the unit.

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Blood Donation Campaign, Alexandria

Let’s get to work and save those wounded in the protests by way of our blood donation campaign. This will take place Thursday, Feb. 10th, from 10 AM – 3 PM at the headquarters of the Risalat Society, 44 Tutankhamen St., Samuha, next to the Cleopatra Bridge and the Metro supermarket.

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Gamal ‘Abd al-Muhsin: “Medical and scientific circles will be amazed with my ways”

I am attempting to reach the largest possible number of Muslims and Copts of Egypt, hoping that you can help me by shedding light on my idea and spreading my manner of thinking. I am fully prepared to debate my methods with the medical scholars and practically apply these methods to illnesses. People in medical and scientific circles will be amazed with my ways, which will benefit the people with the help of God.

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