The Crisis of Human Rights in Egypt

On 19 November 2011, Egyptians again went out into Egypt’s streets and squares to demonstrate peacefully. The demonstrators were demanding a truly democratic, civilian state, similar to what they had dreamed of in January. Soldiers of the police and soldiers of the Armed Forces met them with excessive force, which led to the death of dozens of Egyptians and the injury of more than 3,000 peaceful, unarmed demonstrators.

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The Free Islamic Coalition: Where is the Muslim Brotherhood? Where are the Salafis?

God is sufficient for us and he is the best disposer of affairs.

Where is the Muslim Brotherhood???!!!

Where are the Salafis???!!!

Where are the free Egyptians???!!!

Where are the revolutionaries of Tahrir???!!!

Where is justice???!!!

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Ayman Ahmad Salim: “Letter…to the Muslim and Christian People of Egypt”

I am an Egyptian citizen and an engineering officer in the Armed Forces. I’ve worked in Military Intelligence from 1993 until now. I’m sending a sincere message from the heart to the Egyptian people in order to fix our country.

I request the Egyptian people to go out on Friday, December 10, 2010, after Friday prayers in front of mosques and churches, head to the Presidential Palace, and participate in civil disobedience demanding the fall of Mubarak. In the event of the army’s deployment

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Get to Know the Captive Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd Al-Rahman

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“A Plea to Take Our Children from the Hands of Their Oppressive Killers”


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