What is Salafism? A Statement and Explanation

We have oppressors and others wrongfully accused of oppression, we have the argument that it’s all “terrorism and extremism,” and we have people who are either envious of this blessed call or despise it. I’ve implored God, the One, the Alone, for help in explaining the meaning of Salafism, and have quoted the words of the imams and stars of this community from among the Salaf, our righteous predecessors in Islam. I’ve abridged their statements significantly, since this is intended to be a statement and explanation, not a detailed description, focusing on how to define Salafism and what it means to belong to this group.

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Advice to all Voters

When we hear others say “We want the Islamists to tell us what their electoral program is,” it should be obvious that the Islamists’ program is known and understood and no one would deviate from it except a sinner. And it is: “God said this and the Messenger said this.”

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Our Vision for Exiting from the Crisis

The Front emphasizes the importance of preserving the peacefulness of the revolution in its second stage, the obligation of preventing bloodshed, and the preservation of the institutions of the state and their essential structure.

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The Free Islamic Coalition: Where is the Muslim Brotherhood? Where are the Salafis?

God is sufficient for us and he is the best disposer of affairs.

Where is the Muslim Brotherhood???!!!

Where are the Salafis???!!!

Where are the free Egyptians???!!!

Where are the revolutionaries of Tahrir???!!!

Where is justice???!!!

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The Salafi Front in Egypt: Shari’a is the Basis of National Consensus

In light of the Islamic forces’ agreement to descend on Tahrir Square to express rejection of the announcement of the “document of governing articles for the constitution”, which represents a jump over shari`a and circumvention of the people’s will, and the events that came after it, it is necessary to clarify the following points:

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What if we Choose Islam?

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