Calls to Protest

Where are you, you Strong Children of our Country?

You who are famous for your cleverness, for the street-smarts you master before school-learning,

you actually believe you’ve gotten your freedom?

You who normally catch on quickly,

if you think that the one whose hand is covered in the blood of your country’s martyrs is innocent,

Stay at home and don’t come.

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Poor People of the World… Unite!

An Invitation to “Cry of the Poor” Friday
- To all those who have lost their possessions in this country
- To the residents of graveyards and slums
- To those whose most basic rights to a dignified life has been denied.
- To those who make sleep their dinner and live their days broken and humiliated
- To every father who cannot look his son in the eye because he cannot provide for him sufficiently
- To all the unemployed who waste years of their life without – To the sick

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Yes to continuing the sit-in… No to leaving the masses alone in the elections

Call to all revolutionaries of Giza and the people of the second and third phases to gather together in Tahrir Sqaure on Monday and Tuesday to guard and protect the square as their brothers engage in the struggle to overthrow the Military Council by directing their energy toward the ballot boxes, preventing the manipulation of your votes—preventing them from being used for the benefit of opportunists or remnants of the former regime.

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Have you Noticed?

There are people who paid for freedom with their blood and people paying millions for seats in the People’s Assembly. There are people who went down into the streets to raise Egypt’s flag and people who went down to raise the flag of their party. There are people who were dying in Tahrir and people hanging up their signs because of elections and seats.

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The Military Council is Determined to Rig [The Elections]

Grab a thief……the Military Council is determined to rig [the elections]!!

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Meeting and Dialogue Project / Hawks of Kinana

Egypt is our nation and the light of our eyes – her right is upon us to preserve – we line our eyes with the soil beneath her feet – let us support her in her crisis and strengthen her hand, each according to what is made clear to him and contributing to what appears to be his tasks – The sects of Egypt, whether Coptic or Islamic, are called, God willing, the twentieth of every month beginning this current month, the Friday of Agreement, 20/5/2011, from ten in the morning until the end of the day in Tahrir Square under the “what will we do for Egypt” banner.

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One Nation Foundation For Development and Freedoms

We found that even the first signs of change realized by the revolution were slipping from our hands…

We were surprised by the not-guilty verdicts against those who wasted public money… one after the other…

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Last Chance Friday to Save the Nation

The Interior Ministry’s violent repression of the Tahrir sit-in on Saturday, 19 November has exploded a revolution of the Egyptian people’s anger. Millions went out to the Squares of Tahrir in cities across the Republic and swore not to leave until they were successful.

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Oh Our Revolutionary Country!… Not Tantawi! Not Ganzouri!

Let’s unite in our sit-in for two goals.

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The Revolution First and Legitimacy for Tahrir

We do not recognize any government that is chosen outside of Tahrir Square and has a relationship with the former regime and the Military Council. This is the sole guarantee for national stability and future advancement. Legitimacy comes from Tahrir and not from any other fabricated group. We affirm that the true revolutionaries have not authorized anyone to negotiate with any bloc, and he who negotiates does not represent anyone but himself. Any negotiation must be with the revolutionaries in Tahrir.

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“Revolutionaries” Call for Friday of Political Isolation

We, the revolutionaries, hereby announce that we will be marching from all the mosques in Cairo and the other governorates of the Republic on Friday, October 28th to proclaim that we refuse to allow any figures from the National Democratic Party, or any others who pilfered from Egypt and its people, to participate in the coming parliamentary elections

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Let us Return to the Squares to Complete our Revolution

The revolution has returned to all of Egypt’s squares and streets yet again to complete its course. The masses are once again pouring into the squares to announce that the only legitimacy is that of the revolution and the people in the heart of the squares. They affirm the masses’ distrust and refusal of the Military Council and its government.

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