April 6th Movement: What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?

What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?

It means that anyone who has reached 18 years of age has the right to vote for his or her representative.

What Does “Individual Election” Mean?

It means the electoral rounds are divided up according to the number of members of the People’s Assembly.  In each round, there are 2 candidates: one from the upper classes, and one from the class of the workers and peasants.  You must then choose only 2 from among all of the candidates in your round.

What Does “Proportional List” Mean?

It means the electoral rounds are a bit larger, meaning that there are lists for each standing party.  When you go to vote, you vote for the entire party list, and the number of seats in a round is divided according to the percentage of votes for each list.

This means, for example, if there are 100 votes in a single round, and there are 10 seats available and 3 lists, parties A, B, and C:

Party A gets 60 votes, Party B gets 20 votes, and Party C gets 20 votes

Then Party A gets 6 seats in Parliament, Party B 2 seats, and Party C 2 seats.

Make sure you understand the list system so that your vote isn’t nullified.


And of course, you’ve got to look out for any that you’ve seen in the National Party beforehand and beware of voting for them if you find them on any list.

Luxury Rolex Datejust Replica with Perpetual President Bracelet

Last year, Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 replica watch which quietly replaced the best Datejust II that the  Rolex replica had been making for a few years. Both models are in larger-sized versions with classical size in 36mm-wide case. The Rolex Datejust is one of the world’s most well-known perfect timepieces and has been around since Rolex originally released the Datejust back in 1945. Rolex Datejust
In the past few months, I’ve been wearing this fake Rolex Datejust 41 limited edition replica watches quite regularly as part of my normal timepiece rotation. This is one of those watches that I also happened to add to my own collection. It was not until I was able to wear the watch for a while that I was able to truly establish a relationship with the replica Rolex Datejust in a way which so many owners have done over the collection’s long lifespan. One of the important questions that I was trying to answer as part of my review is “what category does this watch fit into?” I’ll get to why that question is important later on.
When Rolex initially released the Datejust, the name of the watch made huge sense here. Quite literally, the main technical attraction to the cheap watch was the fact that it had a movement that was able to automatically change the date at midnight, which was a novel piece of functionality at the time. After that, the humble “date complication” has gone on to become the most popular function on wristwatches right after displaying the current time.
As a company, Rolex rarely releases brand-new model families. On the contrary, part of the “Rolex Way” – a clever marketing term for a very real culture at the company – is to maintain strong pillars of production collections and improve and expand upon them as they feel might best serve the market. Thus, the majority of the fake Rolex’s stable of watch lines have been around for many years. What this means is that while there is “one Datejust,” as a matter of fact, there are dozens and dozens of variants from previous years, along with those currently available.
The cheap Rolex Datejust series watches are the most popular among all the brand’s collections, and that includes Datejust watches made for both males and females. Especially including lady’s models, there is an amazing variety of styles, sizes, material and dial choices, and more. As an enthusiast, it can be extremely challenging to navigate currently available and formerly available Rolex Datejust models, perhaps even more so than most other watches the storied high-end Swiss watch maker produces. It is here where we should add that some of the now discontinued Rolex Datejust II models may still be around in stores for some time. 
What makes tracking Rolex Datejust gold dial models even more complicated is the variety of dial, bezel, and bracelet options. Even if the replica Rolex debuted the Datejust 41 in exclusively a two-tone variation as opposed to just steel, you can opt for either steel and yellow gold or steel and Everose gold, choose between two bracelet options , and between a total of ten dial options between the two gold variants, and last but not least, pick a polished “flat” bezel or a fluted bezel as seen here. All I can say is that if you are interested in a Rolex Datejust 41, make sure to do your homework and decide which particular variant is right for you.

Amazing Replica Rolex Watches for Your Mom

You have to know that Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Since that’s just a little over a week away, it’s time to make up your mind on what you’ll be gifting her. You have to go big for the most important woman in your life—whether that’s your own mother or the mother of your children. Here we present several incredible ladies’ replica Rolex watches to express your gratitude. After all, the hardest job in the world deserves the best gift as a thank you! Rolex President
The replica Rolex Lady-Datejust is the quintessential women’s luxury watch. As a matter of fact, it’s the top selling model from the Rolex catalog, emphasizing its global appeal. And the Lady-Datejust is an especially fashionable modern approach to the classic Datejust.
The Lady-Datejust replica watch is a pink Rolesor—Rolex’s combining of Everose gold and stainless steel—model. The 31mm stainless steel Oyster case is topped with an 18k Everose gold bezel and winding crown. What’s more, its sporty Oyster bracelet consists of 18k Everose gold center links flanked by stainless steel outer links. Beautifully complementing the steel and rose gold is the pink dial with rose gold Roman numerals. Of course, true to its moniker, the Lady-Datejust watch has the characteristic date window at 3 o’clock, together with the Cyclops lens for magnification on the sapphire crystal. 
The fake Rolex Pearlmaster is the brand’s collection of jewelry watches and that model is an exquisite model. This Pearlmaster is crafted entirely in 18k yellow gold with one white diamond on the domed bezel.
Housing the champagne dial with Roman numerals is a 29mm Oyster case. On the dial, we see the date window at 3 o’clock magnified by the Cylcops lens on the sapphire crystal. The most distinguishing feature of the Rolex Pearlmaster however, is its bracelet. The high-sheen five-link gold Pearlmaster bracelet wears almost like a piece of jewelry, besides, it would be even more appeal to the Rolex watch.
The other fake Rolex Datejust watch with 36mm size is technically classified as a men’s watch in Rolex’s catalog. However, it’s well accepted that the Datejust 36 is a unisex watch today. In fact, the demand for this size has been steadily increasing among the female audience for years.
What’s more, this stainless steel Datejust model is feminine because of its diamond bezel and diamond dial. The bezel is set with 52 white diamonds while the silver dial has ten diamond hour makers. The marriage of robust stainless steel and precious diamonds is a hallmark of the modern luxury ladies’ watch and we know this Datejust watch will make mom satisfied. 
There is another Rolex President which goes one step further with the ten diamond hour markers. The ultra precious ladies’ President fake watch is made entirely in 18k Everose rose gold. It sports a fluted bezel and pink dial. The luxuriousness of this Rolex President goes one step further with the ten diamond hour markers on the dial. And while there’s no day window, there’s certainly the date aperture at 3 o’clock sitting under the magnification of the Cyclops lens.
It goes without saying that all four of these ladies’ timepieces—like all modern cheap Rolex watches—run on in-house automatic mechanical movements. This is exclusively noteworthy because many perfect watch brands have a habit of using cheaper quartz movements for their ladies’ watches. But, this never happened to Rolex. The Swiss watchmaking giant understands that their female clientele—and not just the men— deserve a superlative mechanical movement too. And is this yet another reason that the fake Rolex keeps to be the largest luxury watch brand in the world.

Top Quality Replica Rolex Watches – Precision and Luxury

More than a century, the famous Swiss watchmaker has been developing their state-of-the-art timepieces, in terms of design, performances and durability. Therefore, the history of the replica Rolex Watch Company is a story about success, precision and luxury. Today, fake Rolex is a synonym for accuracy and a symbol of the high class. The cheap Rolex Datejust Watch products personify the hard work and ingenuity of over the quantity of 4,000 workers, from all over the worlds, who craft about 2,000 replica watches for both ladies and men per day. This makes Rolex replicas the world biggest luxury watch brand. rolex-0
The story of extraordinary success began in 1905, when German watchmaker Hans Wilhelm Wilsdorf and his English partner Alfred James Davis founded Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd. In 1908, the company was registered as Rolex. There are several stories about the origin of name Rolex. .
The Oyster Perpetual Line
Extreme reliability has characterized all replica Rolex models, ever since the world first waterproof wristwatch, under the name Oyster, was born back in 1926. New line featured cases with hermetic seals, which guaranty resistance to shocks, pressure, dust, water and any other intrusive element.Rolex Oyster CasebackThe extraordinary case was complemented with the world first self- winding mechanism, in 1931.
The fake Rolex began manufacturing a special type of watches which served as tools of professionals in the early 1950s, such as divers, pilots, explorers and mountain climbers. Under the new Professional line, Swiss brand launched some of the most iconic timepieces. In 1953, this presented the Submariner – the first timepiece, with water-resistance up to 100 metrrs (330 feet).  watches
Sport Family
Rolex replica has established a very close connection with the world of sports through the years. Family of the Rolex ambassadors is made of elite athletes. Winter sports, tennis, motor-sport, golf and yachting are just some members of the brand’s sport family. With over 100 weeks as the world’s number one, she is the symbol of brand’s duration and excellence.
Keannu Reeves, Orlando Blum, Tom Cruise, Al Pacino are some of the members of a very large brand’s family. Female actors are also included in this numerous household. Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone are some of the divas wearing elegant Swiss wrist watches.Sharon Stone RolexJennifer Aniston RolexRolex is also a very busy actor in Hollywood movies and shows. The Submariner was the first James Bond’s watch, while the Cosmograph Daytona became extremely popular at the Paul Newman’s wrist, in his racing film “Winning”. Swiss timepieces have a place in movies like “Rain Man”, “Unknown”, “Carlito’s way” and “Deer Hunter”.

Four best replica watches impressed me here

Limited edition of fake omega “speedy tuesday” speedmaster
i found myself seated in the middle of a long table when we met with omega to see their new launchings. on one end was andrew being presented the new collection, and on the other was felix filming. i happened upon a watch roll, in it the omega “speedy tuesday” speedmaster. not long after, it dawned on me that i was one of a small number of people to actually try on and experience this sold-out but not-yet-released timepiece. that was cool and fantastic.

top quality and best selling replica rolex oyster perpetual sky-dweller
when it comes to the topic of rolex, there was so much talk about the new sea-dweller (and rightly so), that in the early days of basel, the steel and white gold sky-dweller took somewhat of a backseat. but i’m an addition or a blue dial, and we know by now that rolex does coloured dials very well. another thing i love about this watch is that it’s actually a very strong value proposition (an annual calendar for under 20k… c’mon), and potentially a sign of shifting consumer need
fake blancpain tribute to fifty fathoms mil-spec
a demonstration of the moisture indicator and run-down of the history of this watch had me over the line. i’ve always been a fan of the fifty fathoms, but the extra ‘cool factor’ on this le really won me over.
cheap replica tudor heritage black bay chrono
this was the first basel release i saw, and it was at the famous tudor pre-basel party – something i’d been dying to attend. being one of the first few dozen ‘outsiders’ to see this watch in person was a special and memorable experience. and you know what they say – you never forget your first.

Top quality replica montblanc celebrates 110 years

The fake montblanc’s 4810 collection was first introduced to mark the maison’s centenary in the year of 2006 named after the 4,810 metre summit of its alpine namesake. this line of strong, elegant and reliable performance replica watches proved perfect for the modern tourists and quickly became a timeless replica montblanc classic making this range a clear choice for the luxury marque to revisit for its 110th anniversary celebrations this year.
the range features some special new timepieces, each developed at montblanc’s own manufacture in switzerland and following the maison’s unmistakable design codes including those guilloche dials with the famous exploding montblanc star pattern. highlights include the amazing and best light and precise montblanc 4810 exotourbillon slim, which cleverly combines the brand’s patented exotourbillon with a new quick stop second function, allowing you to synch to a time signal with precise accuracy. then there’s the super sharp 4810 chronograph automatic, with its elegantly masculine silvery white dial and contrasting blue and red gold hands. montblanc

mind bogglingly miniature, meticulously handcrafted and utterly unique paintings of the north american, asian and european continents decorate the dials of some of the anniversary timepieces, and montblanc introduces its very first pocket replica watches, reminiscent of the era the maison was founded, as well as the marine chronographs that guided navigators across the ocean more than a century ago.

to see the very unique limited edition timepiece, the whole 4810 collection, as well as a selection of grand complications from the montblanc manufacture in villeret, make sure you book your ticket for the salonqp exhibition in november.
a limited number of complimentary tickets will be available for gq readers and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. the smart montblanc 4810 exotourbillon slim harnesses the brand’s exclusive patented exotourbillon complication in which the tourbillon mechanism is moved outside its cage for even greater precision and includes a quick stop second function as well.
a modern classic with its silvery white guilloche dial and red gold plated roman numerals, the montblanc 4810 chronograph automatic blends timelessness with incredible practicality think precision, maximum legibility and a variety of handy subdials.

Top quality replica rolex cellini moonphase what it is and why it matters

When the replica rolex cellini collection will never have the same mass appeal or cool cachet as their ever popular steel sports models, i have to say this nice and refined collection is just as significant and emblematic to the big crown. while they upgraded the line in 2014, i was quite taken interesting dial textures with their fluted bezels, and small complications, the cellinis talked to a mid century tradition of elegance that seemed almost directly opposed to the steel sports cheap replica watches for which the brand is so famous.
the replica rolex has added another complication to the family three years later, and that is just the cellini moonphase. well, please forgive me while i search the dark web for places to offload an excess kidney, because the cellini moonphase, while it may not be a carbon copy of the 8171, is possibly as close we’re going to get from a modern rolex. on face value alone, the cellini moonphase is a real classical beauty, perfectly proportioned at 39mm and looking luxurious in everose. rolex
the blue enamel disc at six is dotted with tiny stars and an outline standing for the new moon. but the eye is drawn to the applied moon itself immediately crafted from a tiny fragment of meteorite, it’s a detail that absolutely rewards close inspection. the double gold gilt ring surrounding the moonphase and tiny triangle at the top of the subdial indicating the current phase of the moon both evoke the glorious dial designs that are so outstanding in rolex’s rich heritage.
the white lacquer dial is surprisingly detailed, with a peripheral date (indicated by the crescent tipped hand) and a second scale that bisects the applied hour markers. and then there’s the titular complication itself. even though, it’s just the fact that this is a rolex moonphase which is really exciting. it’s the first time in nearly 70 years that they’ve tried their hand at the complication.
the cellini moonphase received a fraction of the attention lauded upon the new sea dweller, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. and while these two models are poles apart aesthetically, for me they represent two sides of the same coin. both watches tell an important story about fake rolex‘s history one looks to the deep, while the other gazes up into the sky.

Replica A. Lange & Sohne Tourbograph Perpetual Pour le Merite

B. Debut in 2017 SIHH debut, the German watchmaker A. Lange & Sohne has its complex Tourbograph Pour LeMerite added calendar, 2005 is the first watch and chain drive with the tourbillon with the use of watch and rattrapante chronograph.
The result of this effort, Lange & Sohne Tourbograph Perpetual Pour le Merite, combined with the perpetual calendar function to the Tourbograph frame without the appropriate power from the watch’s mainspring, but also allowed the wearer to use more than five complex functions. As a result of this new project, the watch retains its ancestral 36-hour power reserve.
To create a new watch A. Lange & Sohne built a permanent calendar mechanism around the tourbillon, which means that the company essentially rebuilds the entire movement. The new 684 part of the L133.1 manufacturing caliber consists 206 components for operating the perpetual calendar and all the displays. The calendar will correctly indicate the duration of each month until 2100, and the last day of february requires a one-time correction. Since then, the calendar will again correctly calibrated the next hundred years.
The calendar has three auxiliary dials. 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock on the date with the rhinoceros instructions, month and leap year are displayed at 3 o’clock. The upper part of the date also holds the gold moon phase display, calculated to remain accurate for 122.6 years.
You may recall that the Pour leMerite watch series was combined by using three different constant escapement systems as well as fusion and chaining operations, and Lange & Sohne incorporated the 1994 Tourbillon Pour le Merite watch for the first time.
As explained by A. Lange & Sohne replica watches, basically, the melt is connected to a spring barrel with a chain that delivers the force of the mainspring to movement in constant increments. The planetary gear mechanism inside the melt ensures that the power flow from the mainspring to the escapement is not interrupted when the replica watch is wound. This new model retains these features and places them in the case of 43mm, despite the addition of the calendar, is not thicker than the previous models.
Of course, here the second hand chronograph is a cylindrical wheel, you will find two diamond base hanging tramble hood (which is the company’s Tourbillon model of the standard configuration), while the tourbillon bridge is black polished. The traditional dial with Arabic numerals, track minutes, then blue steel hand and calendar rhodium-plated gold hand. Auxiliary dial of the three-dimensional arrangement to the famous Replica A. Lange & Sohne pocket tribute.
Just as this high-end Glashütte watchmaker is common, each watch uses blue blue screws, threaded gold, bridges and plates made of untreated German silver, and with Glashütte’s ribs And pearl decoration. Chronograph bridge is hand carved.
The A. Lange & SohneSIHH 2017 Tourbograph Perpetual Pour le Merite will use limited edition of 50 platinum watches. Price: € 480,000, or $ 508,000.
A. Lange & Sohne white gold Lange 31
The extra SIHH debut from A. Lange & Sohne includes Platinum Lange 31, a small blue moon with a diameter of 36.8mm pink gold, a honeycomb gold plate Zeitwerk decimal flash, two Saxonia pearl mothers and handmade winds 1815 calendar in pink Gold. Iw will present these debut in future posts.