Details about IWC Chronograph Spitfire

In addition to the improved replica rolex watch and 41mm size, another notable aspect of the new timer is the movement, as this is the first time IWC has installed a 69000 series movement on a pilot’s watch. The Spitfire chronograph USES the IWC 69380, which is surrounded by a soft iron cage to aid in antimagnetic control.   iwc-075898_02 iwc-075898_03
This is an improvement on the 69370, adding a day to the time display, which is a cylinder wheel timing movement that shares some of the infrastructure with the ETA 7750, but is entirely internally produced, and benefits from IWC’s legendary timing technology.
Given the iron inner shell, the spitfire timer chose a solid steel shell to mask its automatic winding motion. 69380 ticks at 4Hz, providing 46 hours of power reserve, providing time, date, date, and a 12-hour central second timer. The thrusters are very direct, crisp and mechanical, and no one is likely to associate the 7750 with weirdness or noise. Considering the price and packaging (I reiterate that the Spitfire meter is 15. 3mm, including its dome crystal), IWC promotes providing a great timepiece movement in a wearable and well-proportioned watch.
While not without competitors, the value statement is strong, and I think replica watches like the Spitfire timepiece demonstrate the level of sophistication that IWC has achieved in sports development, especially in terms of average consumer (luxury) prices.
The Spitfire chronograph on your wrist quickly made an impression. Size is excellent, at the individual level, and it is just a more balanced offering of 43mm size for some common previous and comparable examples. It was big enough to feel sporty, but not big enough to squeeze my 7-inch wrist. Its design gives it a loose military feel, but it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing camouflage pants or a dog tag from the mall.
As I said in my previous comments, style is hard to define with a watch, but I think IWC replica has created something that is both stylish and thoughtful but never picky. Metal pointer for the dial added a bright spot, readability is always very strong. I thought the green fabric was perfect, and after a day or two, it broke down a little bit, but it turned out to be very comfortable. While I might switch between sue style leather or NATO(I’m a creature of habit), as I mentioned above, the design is so varied that it’s hard to imagine a belt not working.
Interestingly, there are no bracelet options, at least for now. Although I am not a bracelet person and do wear a watch like this on the strap, I do think IWC should make bracelets for this timepiece (as far as I know, they will). As they have done with other pilots’ timers in the past, I think a small, elegant steel multi-link chain would be perfect for this watch, and most of its competitors offer a combination of steel and steel.