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The Free Islamic Coalition

General Goals of the Coalition

1. To protect the history of the revolution from falsification
2. To register the names of those from the Islamic movement who participated in the events of the revolution, the size of this participation, and its effectiveness in the success of the revolution
3. To affirm Egyptian identity’s deep connection to Islam’s civilizing mission; to combat radical, secular intellectual trends and individuals that are attempting to steal religion and civilization from the revolution of the Muslim Egyptian people

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Program of the Democratic Workers Party

In every corner of Egypt, Egyptian workers participated in all national struggles. They actively joined in the 1919 revolution and struggled against the English occupation. They opposed the oppression of the authorities and the regime oppression, starting with the tobacco workers’ strike of 1899 until their latest strike during the revolution of 25 January 2011.

The history of the Egyptian workers’ struggle is a history we should be proud of and from which we borrow its experience and lessons against all the ranks of exploitation and class oppression.

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Gamal Abdel Nasser calls upon the people of Egypt to go out on the 8th of July to save the revolution

Gamal Abdel Nasser calls upon the people of Egypt to go out on the 8th of July to save the revolution.

From Gamal Abdel Nasser to the free people of Egypt… Beware!

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If You Were Really Egyptian

If you were really Egyptian, would you want to see your father, brother, sister, friend, neighbor, or even a stranger on the street sacrificed to the tragedy that are military trials?!

Would you stand to see criminals of the former regime get civil trials while people who stood up for our revolution are being sentenced by military rules?!

We won’t stand for it. We say no. And if you were really Egyptian you wouldn’t tolerate what’s happening. You too would say no. No to military trials for civilians.

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The Nationalist Liberation Front: Freedom. Unity. Justice. Development.

“The Revolution” is the will of a people… the victory of a nation
“The Revolution” is comprehensive, radical change for society.
“The Revolution” is the overthrow of the old regime first.
“The people want the overthrow of the regime.”

The regime must be completely overthrown, in all its details and articulations.

Our Arab people are now engaged in their critical and fateful battle.

In opposition to all enemies of the nation… the enemies of liberation and rebirth… “enemies of the revolution.”

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The Revolution First… A Serious Purification, a Serious Trial, a Serious Government

The revolution is not over yet, and it may oblige honorable people to come together once again, to set aside their differences and divisions, in order to safeguard the revolution and complete it until all its demands met. To do so, the Egyptian masses will descend into the streets throughout the republic on the propitious day of Friday in 2011 in a peaceful demonstration of millions, under a single banner with the slogan “The Revolution First,” demanding with one voice the realization of those of their legitimate demands that have been delayed, at all levels.

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The People Want a New Constitution

The Egyptian people, since the 1952 revolution, have been exposed to deception and deceit at the hands of an authoritarian rule that continued until the blessed revolution of January 25th. Likewise, the media machine was a joke serving the advantage of the rulers, and thus everything that happened inside their country was hidden from this people, and most of them continue to subscribe to the same ideas that were spoon-fed to them. The evidence of this is their crying after the tyrant Hosni Mubarak’s speech, when he said “I want to die on Egyptian soil.” Is there naïveté and geniality greater than this?!

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Recommendations of the Tahrir Doctors Regarding Emergency Care in the Square

Since we believe that citizens are entitled to medical attention and to receive treatment as fast as possible, which is what preserves their safety, dignity, and health, we recommend:

Compliance with the scientific bases by transferring the sick to ambulances using medical stretchers. The safety of the sick person should be insured while he is being moved.

That those responsible for medical units verify their employees. Diagnosis and providing emergency medical services should be done by doctors, pharmacists, and nurses under the supervision of the doctor responsible for the unit.

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Democratic Front Party

The Democratic Front Party was established in 2007 based on the principles of freedom, justice, and a civil state. For freedom knows no existence or stability if the feeling of justice is not achieved under the auspices of a state whose treatment does not differ from one class to another, which does not discriminate between religions or sects, a state for all, which knows no political power other than the power of the state.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that the highest-flying flag in the Egyptian sky is the flag on the Israeli embassy?

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An Open Sit-In, April 6 Youth Movement

1. Speedy trial for Mubarak on the charge of high treason stemming from his orders to kill the revolutionaries.
2. Trials for corrupt police officers and purging the Ministry of the Interior.
3. Instituting a minimum wage of 1200 EGP and a wage ceiling.
4. Price controls and strict price monitoring.
5. Quickly bringing to trial everyone involved in the previous regime and confiscating their money.
6. An end to trying civilians in military courts.
7. Purging ministries and institutions of the dissolved National Democratic Party’s members.

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Oh Egypt

Something has been troubling me
paining me, worrying me
Oh dark-skinned Egypt,
My sharp-witted one, my miracle
What is the role of the Americans?

There are those who constructed buildings
And those who arranged songs
And those who granted wishes
Wake up, and I’ll say it again
What is the role of the Americans?

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