April 6th Movement: What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?

What Does “Individual Election” Mean?

It means the electoral rounds are divided up according to the number of members of the People’s Assembly. In each round, there are 2 candidates: one from the upper classes, and one from the class of the workers and peasants. You must then choose only 2 from among all of the candidates in your round.

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On Labor Day… The Popular Committees Demand a More Just Country

Today, the Popular Committees to Defend the Revolution came together with Egypt’s workers to celebrate the first Labor Day following the January Revolution. Today, workers stood in complete confidence, having embarked on a great revolutionary experience in which they realized their strength and ability learned that their rights can only be wrested back through continued struggle, not by begging for “a favor, Mr. President,” as the regime’s collaborators made us believe for thirty years.

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Egyptian Alliance for Independent Unions

After decades of bitter struggle and thanks to the sacrifices made by the great Egyptian people in the January 25th Revolution, the Egyptian working class has obtained the right to organize its ranks in independent trade unions, far from the interference of the government, parties, and employers.

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Association of the Union of Egyptian Industries

This association does not seek to profit but rather to share in the development and modernization of Egyptian industry. Our vision is to establish, activate, and promote the slogan “Made in Egypt” both locally and internationally.

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Yes to National Unity, and a Thousand No’s to Burying Heads in the Sand

The Progressive Union of the Revolution’s Youth mourns with our Egyptian people the victims of ignorance and sectarianism that fell during clashes on 8 May in Imbaba, which led to the deaths of at least 12 citizens and the injury of more than 220. Likewise, attacks have extended to private and public property, to say nothing of the partial destruction of the Marmina Church and the complete burning of the Church of the Virgin.

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It is Not a Second Revolution, but Rather an Ongoing Revolution until the Regime is Toppled

Six months have witnessed a separation of political force between the revolutionaries and those who rode the revolution’s wave to achieve their political and economic goals. Six months the people have remained waiting for the realization of the revolution’s goals of freedom, social justice, and human dignity, yet not one of them has been achieved, and at the same time the overthrown president, the symbol of corruption, repression and oppression, lives comfortably in Sharm al-Shaykh where the hand of justice is nowhere near him.

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Campaign Against the Law Criminalizing Protests and Military Trials for Civilians

A number of independent trade unions, political parties, and activist and popular groups launched a campaign to challenge the law criminalizing suspicious protests and the transferring of civilians to military courts.

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Together… To Support the Revolution

These policies, which do not differ from the period before the revolution, are not devoid of efforts to suppress the freedom to unionize, oppress workers’ freedoms and criminalize strikes, which is a constitutional and legal right that the laborers extracted during long years of struggle. In fact our colleague ‘Ali Futuh, president of the independent union for public transportation, was turned in to be investigated and sent for trial for exercising his rights as a union member in establishing the independent union and organizing the workers to defend their rights.

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The Association Labbayka Ya Aqsa (At your service, O al-Aqsa Mosque)

Do you wish you could pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque?

Are you interested in the Palestinian issue and freeing the Palestinian people?

Do you want to work with the utmost sincerity and diverse peaceful methods against Zionist tyranny?

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It is the Second Massacre, oh Lord of the Ka’ba

After this massacre, Field Marshal Muhammad Tantawi issued a short statement, but it was pure rhetoric, not a statement at all. He began with a consolation for the families of the martyrs, thinking that such rhetoric could bandage these families’ wounds. It is as though, in the rationale of these leaders, the blood of Egyptian men and women were cheap.

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The Struggle Movement

Don’t know how to reclaim your rights? Unable to say anything because you don’t understand what’s yours and what’s expected of you? Don’t understand why the Emergency Law was applied to the revolutionaries but not the thugs, and why the treason law still hasn’t been implemented? When will they implement it?

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Together to End Military Trials and the Power of Murderers and Thieves

- The immediate termination of military trials for civilians and the release of those held in custody while awaiting trial. Their sentences should be overturned, and those convicted should be re-tried before regular civilian judges.

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