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Revolution Until Victory

Six months to remove Mubarak and the figureheads of his regime, yet the corrupt regime still suffocates us with its clear social and economic favoritism and its hostility towards the poor classes of people who were the fuel of the revolution. This regime serves the interests of its own social class which sucked the blood of our people before the 25 January Revolution. It played a significant role in the administration of the counter-revolution in order to preserve its economic interests, which are in direct conflict with the interests of the great majority of our people.

The same policies of Mubarak’s regime still continue in all sectors: in education, in healthcare, in support of exporters with four billion dollars yearly, in support of the five-star hotels with gas that the Egyptians cannot find while the government continues in its support of the Israelis with it. The Egyptian regime still supports the factories of the capitalists, who suck our blood and whose luxury cars waste our energy while at the same time a poor Egyptian national can’t find his daily bread. The Egyptian media still falsifies the facts. The Egyptian Interior Ministry still insists on dealing with us as though it were an army, viewing the Egyptian people as an enemy. The Egyptian government still insists on purchasing rubber bullets, live ammunition, and gas bombs with the Egyptian people’s money for the thugs of the Interior Ministry to kill the Egyptian people.

We have before us a scheme, a systematic effort to break-up the unity of the revolutionaries. We now face the apostates of the revolution, represented in the retreat away from the achievement the revolution’s goals by those who assumed command of the country. Whether the Military Council or the government, they call themselves the ‘Government of the Revolution.’ We are also facing negligence in regard to the spilling of the revolutionary martyrs’ blood and the release of the killers and the corrupt. We are confronted with an ousted dictator living in prosperity at a time when civilians are handed over to military courts. Faced with all of this, we find no alternative but to return to the square again. No one will carry our revolution except us, and no one will return the rights of Egypt’s poor other than themselves.

We are in the Union of Socialist Youth. Since we are well aware that the Military Council has not been capable of running the country, we demand the transference of power to the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court during the transitional period with the assurance that our revolution will continue until the complete achievement of its objectives, primarily social justice. This cannot be done without the existence of a regime that truly reflects the will of the poor, returning the lands that were pillaged from them—whether though the ownership and tenant law or through the corrupt transfer of land from the Egyptian people to a handful of corrupt individuals, a regime that returns the ownership of all the privatized companies and factories back to their workers.

Since we affirm our adherence to the slogan “the Constitution first,” we also affirm that the implementation of this goal will not come without the continuation of the revolution and that it will not be achieved if it is first separated from the slogan “the poor first.” We will not agree to a Constitution that is drawn up by the same social class that causes our woes and infects our people with cancer. The Constitution must express the interests of the poor and guarantee the defense of these interests. The poor must participate in drafting it. We declare, “Revolution until victory!”

Complete democracy for the people…Complete dedication to the country.

The Union of Egyptian Socialist Youth

[phone #'s redacted]


Acquired 8 July 2011

Translated by Kristen Alff

Translation reviewed by Thomas Levi Thompson


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