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A Celebration of the Love of Egypt

We invite all to come and pack the square

for this celebration of the love of Egypt in Midan Tahrir.

From sundown on Friday (12 Ramadan- 8/12)

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A Warning to Those Who Plundered Egypt’s Money

The time has come for us as Egyptians to get back what belongs to us as a people and as citizens from those who carried out a systematic plundering of us, our country, and its resources over the past three decades—from the retinue of the corrupt former regime [whose plundering] resulted in the return to society of only half a percent [of state revenues], which was among the most important features of Egypt during the period of the British occupation… A limited number of the regime’s men controlled all the country’s natural resources—from gold, iron, and other mines to gas and land—such that that wealth was concentrated in their hands, leaving the crumbs for the remaining classes of the Egyptian people to compete over.

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The Goals of a People’s Revolution

The Egyptian revolution is spreading across the globe—with fraternity, love, and friendship—the culture of peace, support for regional and global peace, support for freedoms, preservation of peoples’ identity, and the legacy of civilization for nations. Consolidating and strengthening the friendship among all areas of the globe and universalizing peoples’ independence, working with the global and regional community to defuse armed disputes, spread the song of peace and cooperation, create, advance, and bring together humanity across the globe.

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The Party of Firmly Rooted Character [al-Asala]

The Party of Firmly Rooted Character: The Party of Firmly Rooted Character is a political party seeking to spread the values of justice, equality, and returning Egypt to the forefront of various fields in accordance with the principles of Islamic shari`a.

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Egyptians Are One Hand to Complete the Goals of the Revolution

We direct to you—our brothers, sons of the Egyptian revolution—a statement and a call that begins with our love for our Egypt and our protectiveness over its constituents’ coalition and ends with the success of our revolution and the realization of our goals. We say to you:

Tahrir Square is not exclusively for one party, movement, group, ideological following, or religion; rather it is for all those who carry Egyptian citizenship and wanted freedom and justice for all its constituents.

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Highlights of the Labor Party’s Platform

If Islam is the religion of the majority of the Egyptians, then what it gave rise to in terms of civilization and history belongs to all those who shared in this flourishing Islamic state. All those who live on Egypt’s soil are inheritors of the arts, knowledge, traditions, and security that have come as a result, which is the basis of the brotherhood that has existed between the followers of the major religions, just as it is the basis for building our shared future.

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Why did we Undertake the Revolution?

After 30 years of this tyrant’s rule, Egypt has come to occupy the 57th place among 60 countries in the World Suffering Report according to the Bloomberg Index. The shortage of potable water has become a widespread phenomenon in the land of the Nile. Egyptian wheat, long-famous for its quality, has deteriorated. Egyptian cotton, which is the best quality cotton in the world, has been affected, and the agricultural land has been afflicted with pests never seen before in Egypt!!

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Why are we Boycotting the Products of Nagib Sawiris?!

The boycotted products are:

(1) Mobinil cellular service. (2) Menatel (3) LINKdotNET Internet service D-Link (4) Masrawy website (5) Egyptian Cement (6) Orascom Telecom (7) Orascom Global (8) Four Seasons Hotels (9) cooperation with Al-Masry Al-Youm (10) Youm7 (11) DEJZZY Communications (Algeria) (12) ‘Iraqna (Iraq) (13) OTV Satellite Channel (14) ON TV Satellite Channel (15) Tunisiana Cellular Company in Tunisia

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Protect the Family of the House of the Prophet of God

Prayer and peace be upon Muhammad, the family of Muhammad, and the descendents of the family of Muhammad, much peace upon them. We have lived, we the Family of the House, in beloved Egypt and we salute the love its people have for the Family of the House, for Egypt respects the Family of the House and reveres them, so we do not wish Egypt to do otherwise.

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A Plan for Awakening the Couch Party

Join us in our plan to publish and distribute a book about political awareness to citizens. The plans’ goal is to distribute an educational book about political awareness to each Egyptian citizen

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What Do You Know about the Philadelphi Agreement between Egypt and “Israel” against Gaza?

It is essentially a military protocol that provides for a supplementary force to take over from the Egyptian border guard to undertake specific security tasks in the aforementioned region.

The mission of the supplementary force is defined as preventing terrorist operations; preventing smuggling in general, and in particular of weapons and ammunition, and likewise the infiltration of individuals; apprehending suspects; detecting tunnels; and all that leads to securing the border in the manner which was undertaken by Israel before its withdrawal.

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Movement of the Youth of the Second Republic

What happened on Egypt’s eastern border — the killing of our righteous soldiers— is nothing but a continuation of the policy of the iniquitous Zionist entity that has for decades paid no attention to the blood of Egyptians. Truly, what Israel is now doing is an attempt to insult the great Egyptian revolution.

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