No to Ganzuri’s Nominations…

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Muhammad Shahin, The Egyptian Liberal Party

- Defending the oppressed and the rights of all men, women and children.

- Providing the greatest lawyers to defend their rights with all of their fees covered.

- Providing clothes, backpacks and school supplies for orphans.

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The Popular Front’s Endorsement of Amr Moussa for President of Egypt

The Popular Front in support of Amr Moussa for President of Egypt announces its participation in this Friday’s event. This is to guarantee the sovereignty of the people as the source of power following the 25 January Revolution.

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To the People of the Sixth District

We, the district youth, have the honor of inviting you to attend a debate between the most distinguished candidates of the district in order to choose the best of them to represent us in parliament. Every youth, man, and woman—every resident of the district—should attend this debate to choose who will represent you in parliament.

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Statement of the Popular Front in Support of ‘Amr Moussa as President of Egypt

The Popular Front in support of ‘Amr Moussa for President of Egypt hereby announces that it will participate in the Friday protest today to affirm the sovereignty of the people who, after the 25 January Revolution, became the source of power.

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The Surprise of the Revolution

The date of the conference will be determined on the campaign page of al-Hussayni ‘Amir, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

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Nomination for the National Presidential Elections: al-Sayyid ‘Abd Allah Hasan Muhammad Khalifa

Based on the 76th article of the Constitution, on Saturday, 3/19/.2011, every Egyptian has the right to run for the national presidency with a simple condition: getting 30 thousand signatures from 15 provinces.

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A New Candidate for the Presidency of Egypt: ‘Umar Shams al-Din

Purging all of the state institutions of corruption, and reviewing all of the international treaties in their totality.

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Presidential Candidate Muhammad al-Maghazi al-Mahgub

I do not belong to any party, so that I may belong to the people in all of its parties. I have over 23 years of political experience, and I am among the ordinary folk inside and out, in all of Egypt’s governorates. I guarantee an era of loyal servitude with a well-laid out plan deserving of the Egyptian citizen’s trust and dignity, with respect to all of his demands and aspirations, to be realized, should I win the election, no more than 6 months later.

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Program of the Integrity Candidate for the Presidential Elections: ‘Adil Fakhry Daniel

This program must be brought about during the next three months. It aims to transform Egypt into a powerful nation that rises to the station accorded it by its history. It also aims to make Egyptians steadfast in their character, so that they can compete with developed nations and achieve an improved quality of life, as a result of the following measures.

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Munir Sa’d, International Expert in Economic and Political Affairs

Together on a single electoral ticket, with the able reformer president and genuine conscience, we ensure a majority of votes in the service of the great Egyptian people, to establish the bases of a democratic and civil state and a government of technocrat cadres, in order to provide a dignified life and work opportunities, elevating Egypt’s economy and letting it prosper, elevating the situation of Egypt and its dignity among the states of the world and among African, Arab, and developing states.

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Muhammad Abu Zayd al-Su’ali: In the Name of the Nation, in the Name of the People

Dear brother citizens, believing in the revolution of liberation from injustice, corruption, and repression of freedoms, we have risen up in a revolution for equality, freedom, and social justice.

I have nominated myself to run for President of the Republic so that I might be the first candidate from among the poor working class.

I call on you to organize your lines and unify your words so that we can confront anyone who is tempted to compromise the security, stability, and prospects of this wonderful country.

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