Was it Civilian?

After that revolution ousted the monarchical system and put an end to those trailing behind it and other remnants, Egypt began a new era in a republican system differing quite a bit from the system that preceded it, “the military system.” But was it really different or did it actually bear much similarity to the previous system?

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A Statement and a Road Map for Managing the Crisis

We confirm that the demonstrators in the squares of Egypt represent a broad sector of the Egyptian people. We declare our insistence on transferring power to a civilian authority (parliament and president) elected by April 2012 at the latest, and that any agreements or dialogues occurring between the military council and the political forces that exclude the participation of the revolutionary forces are null and void.

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The Statement of Shaykh Hazim Salih Abu Isma‘il on Field Marshall Tantawi’s Speech

The decisive issue for Tahrir Square right now is disarmament. We stand before a bloc of the country that does not want any more dead or wounded. They want the parliamentary and presidential elections to be held on time.

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Time for Distinction and Deliverance

Egypt is passing through a dangerous stage. It has come to a fork in the road many months after the beginning of the great Egyptian revolution, which ended on 11 February. Following that date, groups of the elite took on the task of completing the journey towards realizing the people’s demands, thereby completing the revolution. However, the revolution’s path immediately changed to one of partisan strife, which overtook its greater portion at the expense of the people.

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Towards a New Republic

The Egyptian people have realized that the Military Council is not a faithful representative of the revolution. Instead, it is a traitor, leading the counter-revolution to abort the victory of 25 January through methods and trickery that no longer fool anyone.

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A Mass Nationalist Islamic Call for the Return of Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Rahman from the American Prisons

The inspired words of our learned fighter Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Rahman are still inscribed in our memory since we heard and saw him more than twenty years ago. I bear witness to the fact that his steadfast righteousness has only increased throughout these many years, in the way of God. This is evident in his statement that “my creed and my conscience require me to repel injustice and tyranny and to fight injustice — to uncover deception and expose tyrants to the eyes of the people, even at the cost of my life and all that I own.”

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Go forward, Revolutionary Egypt, and Complete your Revolution!

We will prosecute the deposed, and before him we will prosecute Tantawi’s gang and hang them by their necks from gallows in the public squares. We will confiscate their resources and their bloated billion-dollar bank accounts, as well as all of the resources of national leaders and the families of the corrupt businessmen who stole land and factories through the suspect program of privatization, as well as those who plundered and stole the nation through the corruption of slaves.

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It is Not a Second Revolution, but Rather an Ongoing Revolution until the Regime is Toppled

Six months have witnessed a separation of political force between the revolutionaries and those who rode the revolution’s wave to achieve their political and economic goals. Six months the people have remained waiting for the realization of the revolution’s goals of freedom, social justice, and human dignity, yet not one of them has been achieved, and at the same time the overthrown president, the symbol of corruption, repression and oppression, lives comfortably in Sharm al-Shaykh where the hand of justice is nowhere near him.

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Revolutionary Egypt, Vol. 8

A progressive publication issued by the Popular Committees to Defend the Revolution

Revolutionary Egypt

Issue 8, July 2011

Trials, Trials…the Gang is Still Ruling

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The Friday of I Don’t Know

Will the Arab nation unite? …. I don’t know

Will Palestine be liberated? …. I don’t know

Are our people in revolt? …. I don’t know

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The People Say Their Piece

I speak for the Egyptian people, who have suffered from illness, ignorance, theft, and willful exploitation, followed by deliberate killing and deliberate foot-dragging in giving them justice. I want my revolution, and my country, Egypt, and I have paid the price with my own blood, suffering in defense of my country. I want Egypt for myself and not for the beneficiaries or the supporters or the opportunists of the past regime or anyone else who had wanted Egypt for themselves. Give me Egypt or I will take her myself. I am capable of doing so.

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From the Tahrir Revolutionaries to the Great Egyptian People

In view of the events that the country has witnessed and those opposing forces who conspire against the January 25th Revolution—at the top of the list the Military Council and its allies who follow the old regime in addition to certain political currents who seek their own self-interest at the expense of the goals of the revolution for which many Egyptians sacrificed their blood and lives…

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