2019 Special Replica Tudor Black Bay Bronze

If you look at the difference between a dial and a frame, the 2019 version of the replica Tudor Black Bay Bronze is the watch, with a SLATE gray dial. The new color is subtle and executed in a complex way, making a dramatic improvement in the now-stopped khaki/brown version.  
As can see, the Black Bay Bronze or BBB to its friends is a bronze-cased version of fake Tudor’s flagship Black Bay. Specifically an alloy of bronze that’s high in aluminium, meaning you won’t get the kind of crazy green patina that was super popular several years ago. As you’d expect, it’s an in-house movement, the MT5601. It’s still also the biggest of the Black Bays, rocking in at 43mm across, so if you’re slight of wrist, consider yourself warned. It comes on either a leather or fabric strap, though it’s worth noting that these days it’s an either/or situation, not both.
But, when it comes to the dial of the replica rolex, in this case, SLATE grey is actually an accurate term. The dial looks cool and inviting — like a SLATE floor on a hot day. This is also a subtle gradient effect, with darker edges and a lighter center. This, combined with gold-plated text and application hours/Numbers, really makes the dial hard to pop up in a way that no other black bay does. It is legible, vibrant and fresh. It also has a dark gray border. Can you tell me I like it?
Every year before the Basel meeting, I wonder if black bay has lost momentum or if there is some way to surprise. I saw it again, and my faith was renewed. Good job, Tudors.