Quartz Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica

When the Royal Oak was launched in 1972 it took the entire watch world by surprise. Back then, branded timepieces were extravagant dressy models made from solid gold and of a rather small size. Audemars Piguet decided to change the rules and took up the special art of making timeless watches that defy conventions and everything that is regarded ordinary. These kinds of watches are luxury sports models made from charming steel with an effective design that revolutionizes modern watchmaking.  aude-087794_02
The avant-garde style of the Royal Oak has become its most famous trademark. With over 50 years of ruling the replica watches industry, this remarkable icon is defining for the brand’s perfect and innovative spirit. The tapisserie dial, the octagonal bezel, the masculine steel case and the integrated bracelet are just some of the things that certify the model as a magnificent timepiece.
Getting an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak right is difficult, and it is a task that challenges many manufacturers and only a few succeed to clone it properly. The most notable mistakes are usually found on the dial of the watch. This is the most complicated part, and also the most difficult part to imitate.
AP uses a particular raised rectangular dial that has a special shine. It is not completely matte just as it is not very shinny. Classy is the word that describes it best. For fakes it is very hard to make this tapisserie pattern with the correct size of the raised squares. However, there are other differences that are even more pronounced and you can see them quite clearly when comparing the photo reproduction with a real Royal Oak tree. These are thin and long truncheons, but they differ in shape and thickness. The time mark on the watch is shorter, thicker and rounder, and it looks completely different from the real thing.
The thing that is easy recognizable on an AP Royal Oak watch is its unique octagonal shaped bezel made from stainless steel and attached with eight hexagonal screws. Most often, this part of the timepiece is cloned as it is not very complex. A fast look at the images of the watch and of the genuine watch proves this. The bezel has the great shape and look. It even has the beautiful vertical brushing surface that is defining for Audemars Piguet.
The brand is a real artisan when it comes to making comfortable and stylish stainless steel cases. The bold and masculine stainless steel case of the Royal Oak involves an extensive technical production process and the result is rather pleasing, still it is not something that difficult to replica patek philippe visually.
As a whole, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak stands out from the crowd. This is a modern and rugged model that is iconic of the avant-garde timepiece. Its charm dial, uniquely shaped bezel and sturdy case recommend it for outgoing men with an obvious sense of fashion.