Was it Civilian?

Was one of the greatest concerns the manner of ruling and the manner of hereditary transmission of rule, seeing as they were not sons of one family and blood and ancestry did not unite them as with the monarchical regime? Was the Revolution of 25 January against the Mubarak regime in particular or against that regime which reigned for six decades and did not give us anything other than a third world country where illiteracy rates are increasing, science is disappearing, and where words struggle, gasping for foreign aid? Do the slogans of the “civil state” express the denial of that regime and its way of managing the country? History tells us that military regimes deal with their people the way they do with their troops: everyone implements the order without thinking, the leader is the red line, and your loyalty is to your leader rather than any slogans (for they view them as a loss of control over affairs such as democracy). How could the leader accept criticism from the enlisted soldier? Social justice: how could the leader be equal to the enlisted soldier? A dignified life: how could the leader control enlisted soldiers enjoying the meanings of that which makes peoples civilized, valuable, which grows through them and raises them up? At that point, they will think about the leaders’ orders and consider whether to accept or reject them, and that shakes him from his throne if the soldier, i.e. the people, disagrees with many of the orders. That system was keen to control and dominate all parts of the country in order to make it difficult for anyone to remove the country’s rule from their hands. They did that by forming a state within a state with its own budget, industry (military industry), agriculture (military agriculture), a communications network, and health services and recreation such as hospitals and clubs. It also has companies which compete in the economy. Moreover, they also put people whose loyalty they are certain of at the centers of power like the ministries of defense, justice, interior and the presidents of the Constitutional Court and the Council of State. As for the civil state, it is a one which the people manage themselves. They create its laws according to their desires. We have many international models in which the civil state has risen up, such as Malaysia, Turkey, and Brazil. We now have two choices: we can accept the extension of the ’52 regime—which is a military regime, or we can create a real civil state which does not accept the domination or trusteeship of anyone.
The people know best how to manage their affairs. Their wish lives on and the struggle continues.
For the sake of stability, together for a civil state against the extension of military rule and hereditary transmission.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica Watch

The Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watch was announced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the model. The Rolex Sea-Dweller model is one of Rolex’s most important, though arguably least commercial products – a true tool watch catering to true professionals. This latest incarnation is very much a Sea-Dweller, but there are many updates, including some that are technically minor but emotionally significant departures from models that came before. This week, I’ll examine those and try to unpack just what they mean. Besides, we’ll talk about what this cheap watch is meant to do, and what it’s not meant to do.  IMG_2423
In my detailed look at Rolex from 2015, I talk about founder Hans Wildorf’s pursuit of three different properties that would come to define Rolex replica watches: precision timekeeping, an automatic movement, and finally, resistance to water. Why was this so important to Wilsdorf? However, Wilsdorf believed there was an actual market for watches that could be worn during active sports by participants themselves. The early Oyster cases featured the first fluted bezels used by Rolex, so that watchmakers could screw them in tighter to the case middle. Of course, the screw-down Oyster crown was a significant part from the fake Rolex family that further allowed wearers of these watches to go deeper than ever before. 
In 1953, the Rolex and Blancpain both showed professional dive watches and the category that many of us love so much was born. While the Fifty Fathoms was discontinued decades ago before being reintroduced by the modern incarnation of Blancpain, the Submariner has remained a constant force in the watch world for over 60 years. When it was first shown, complete with its screw-down crown, luminous radium dial, and rotating bezel, one could expect water resistance up to an impressive 100 meters.
Before that though, Rolex produced what was arguably the new plus ultra of pre-1950s dive watches as well, they just didn’t have the Rolex name on the dial. Yes, some of the original Panerais – during this period created predominantly for Italian military divers – were made sophisticatedly by Rolex, and feature Rolex cases and movements. It should be noted not all of the early Panerai wristwatches used Rolex movements and cases, but several of the earliest did and they remain very collectible – one such example is the tropical dial piece owned by John Goldberger and seen in his episode of Talking Watches.
This “Rolex Submariner” wasn’t always intended to be the Submariner, and just as Rolex experimented with names for the Daytona and other now famous models, there was a time when the Rolex diver could have been called “Sub-Acqua.” A few early examples with this name have surfaced over the years such as this one at Antiquorum in 2013.
The Rolex kept on producing the Submariner in a host of variants without interruption, and as you all know, continues to produce it today. In the first couple of decades of consumer and professional dive watch production, there were surely other serious dive watches out there, but many of them though impressive technically were not greatly distributed, and few reached the level of commercial or professional success of the Sub.
The replica Rolex Sea-Dweller watch is the best expression of Rolex as a brand. From its very beginning, the model showed a preoccupation on Rolex’s part with extensive over-engineering, and performance above all else. Please keep this mind, the fake Rolex already had a more than capable dive watch in the 5512 and 5513 Submariners, and yet it wanted to build something even tougher – a watch meant for those who not only worked, but in some cases, actually lived underwater. Rolex Sea-Dweller

Three Top Selling Replica Watches in 2017

Top Quality Omega Originally Made For the British Army
To be honest, there’s no mistaking the military roots of this replica Omega, from the broad arrow on the dial, to the engravings on the caseback, all the telltales are there. The Omega replica was actually designed for the British Royal Air Force after World War II, with 5,900 pieces delivered from 1953 onwards. So, its lume was originally radium, which was replaced by the RAF with the less harmful tritium in the end (therefore, the circled T on the dial). As you might expect for a military watch, the 37mm case comes with fixed lugs, and its double caseback offers protection against magnetism (as does the thicker dial).  Omega
The engravings on the caseback are very much precious, and not only certify to the military provenance; they really tell the story of each cheap replica watch. For this specific example, we can see that it was number 790 of the 1953 delivery, while the long “6645 101000” indicates the NATO stock number for that type of watch. “6B/542” marks the service number within the RAF Service Management. Inside, the manual wound caliber 283 is said to have been recently serviced, and one can expect excellent time-keeping, as it is part of the well-known Omega 30mm family of hand-wound movements.
Audemars Piguet Ultra-Thin Pocket Watch, With -Signed Dial
Thinness was one of the biggest challenges faced by pocket watch manufacturers – a thin watch was considered desirable so as to not ruin the lines of a suit. This makes this fake Audemars Piguet quite an accomplishment; it was made in 1959, at a time where Piaget was a serious contender with its 9P caliber (used in pocket and wrist replica watches). The dial shows the coveted , and therefore the movement exhibits the AYP import code as it should for any AP watch sold in the US at the time. Audemars Piguet
The condition of the case and dial is consistent with a watch that spent the 40 last years in a safe. Indeed, there are no noticeable aging marks on the dial at all, and the 46mm yellow gold case shows only light oxidation that could be easily polished out (but I would not recommend it). As you may notice that the finishing of the movement is completely stunning, although it is described as being in need of a service. My favorite feature still remains the beautiful design of the bow to which you would attach the chain connecting the watch to your jacket – a reminder of a bygone era.
Breitling AVI, With Digital Minutes Counter
Generally speaking, the first iteration of any vintage model is always the most attracting and amazing, at least if you leave aside things like unbelievable provenance, or rare configurations such as a double-signed dial. In the case of the replica Breitling 765 AVI, I have to say that this does not solely explain why this watch is the holy grail for any Breitling collector (and you can count me in on that). To tell the truth, this watch proves once again that Breitling was not joking around when it comes to chronographs: it simply looks like no other, in a very good way. What you might assume to be a “regular” date aperture at 3 o’clock is actually an indication of the elapsed minutes of the chronograph. This peculiar display makes total sense, since this AVI was particularly designed to time the 15-minute pre-flight check of an airplane, where every minute counts. Breitling
Though the replica watch is a very contemporary-looking piece, this watch was actually launched in 1953, ahead of its competitor the Breguet Type 20, which features a fairly similar chronograph seconds hand. Therefore, we actually get the very first iteration of the 765 AVI, as you can tell by the absence of the “Geneve” line under the Breitling name. The chronograph indication is obtained from modifying a standard Venus 178, something Breitling was not shy about doing. The case and dial are in fairly spectacular condition themselves; even the smooth bezel does not exhibit many signs of aging.