Vintage Watches A 1985 Replica Rolex Daytona ‘Big Red,’

If you haven’t realized it yet, this week’s Rolex replica looks a little different. We’re not just going to breeze past that incredible Paramount Beverly Hills Cop II Letterman jacket, we see you, Mr. Murphy. Anyway, yes, it’s the week of the 80s here. All of this week’s stories can be found here, on the official “80s Week” page – check it out, it’ll be a great primer for this week’s retro selection. 16520-20130726A-5 16520-20130726A-6
Most weeks, we prefer to offer a wide range of vintage models (sometimes even going back to the 1930s) to match the theme of the week, and each of the models listed this week is from the current decade. The 1980s is a very interesting intersection in the world of watchmaking. Many classic models, such as the Omega Speedmaster and the replica Rolex GMT-Master, were in a transitional phase – with one foot on pure vintage and the other moving towards a more modern feel with solid link bracelets and upgraded movements. In a different vertical, brands such as Seiko and TAG Heuer are making a new kind of watch, the quartz-powered watch, and exploring the possibilities of this uncharted territory.
In addition, black-PVD and gold plating usually show significant wear, but the two different finishes on this watch and bracelet remain crisp and clear, making this example a strong contender for current wear. In the 1980s, this watch featured a quartz movement, which was a positive attribute at the time and one of the reasons this watch was so popular when it was released. This helped to minimize the overuse of the crown, as mechanical movements can cause water to seep inside the case.
What can I say about the Daytona? I got to know the Daytona a little better after I put this Ref. 6263 on my wrist. I’m wearing this Ref.6263 on my wrist as I write this, and I can’t deny that the hype is real. The screw-down pushers and black bezel make my heart beat faster. Our example today is from 1985, which marked the last era of manual-winding Daytonas; in a few years, the next generation of automatic Daytonas would come out. To me, it’s cool to think about the last version of something after which the Daytona will never be the same.
One of the things that drew me to this example is its overall condition, which is very good. Specifically, the dial is to die for, all the plume plots are full and round, and the colors of the plumes all match perfectly. The dials on these replica watches are very important, and when you see a good one, you’ll understand why. The custard-colored plume looks great against the silver dial, it’s just so nice. Another nice aesthetic of this watch is the overall contrast – the bezel is black, the dial is silver, the registers are black, and it all works very well together.