Replica Watches Encouraged by the Ocean

Talking about replica watches and inspiration can lead to some very interesting debates, and for good reason — especially in the diving watch category. Of course, the early diving watches were not “inspired” by anything. A diving watch is a very useful tool. Over time, though, the variety of diving watches shifted from practical to popular everyday wearers, and design inspiration soon began to come into play. Today, we take a look at luxury watches inspired by the ocean and dig into the story behind each one and their relationship to the distant blue.
As talked above, there is no reason to go into a Rolex Submariner history lesson here; however the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue review has a very special connection to our world’s deepest waters.
The origins of this piece come from Rolex’s involvement in James Cameron’s deep dive into the Mariana Trench. Though not limited in production, the piece is commemorative of the 2012 dive, and features a gradient blue to black dial that mimics the loss of light as one descends into the ocean’s depths. What’s more, the green chosen for the DEEPSEA text on its dial is matched to the color of Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger Submarine that took a prototype Rolex watch all the way down into the trench affixed to one of its robotic arms.   rolex-078963_03
The legacy of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is unparalleled in the world of underwater exploration, and a few years ago, IWC decided to become a partner of the Cousteau Society – a non-profit organization looking to continue the initiatives set out by Jacques-Yves several decades prior. Since the beginning of the partnership, IWC replica has included a special limited edition Aquatimer model in its collection, with a portion of the revenue from each watch going to IWC.
Progress on Calypso has been slow-going, and a fire on the ship while docked in Turkey two years ago has slowed things again. Naturally, there are rumors swirling that a redesign of the IWC Aquatimer line across the board will appear in conjunction with the vessel’s unveiling.
Although the roots of the Yacht-Master II relate to activities on the water’s surface rather than deep below, its unique functionality is perfectly suited to this category. Nevertheless, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is what is often referred to as yachting timer – a countdown chronograph that can be used to properly measure the start time of a regatta, also famous as a sailing race.
Arguably the most sophisticated watch in the current collection of fake Rolex, Yacht-master II USES an interesting combination of bezel position, crown position, and putt action to set its countdown time between 1 and 10 minutes, return trip timepiece function of the preset time with an activation of the reduced putt type. Although many yachtsman II wearers are unlikely to use this highly specific feature for practical purposes, but in real life applications, it’s not shy to be able to count down like this.