Best Graduation Gift Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

One of the undisputed legends of the watchmaking world, the OMEGA Speedmaster is easily the most famous model in the brand’s entire collection. Originally designed as a chronograph for the auto racing crowd in 1957, the Speedmaster is now famous for being the official flight-certified watch of NASA and the first watch to be worn on the moon.  rolex watches
While vintage replica OMEGA Speedmaster models (especially those with the Caliber 321 movement) are highly sought after by collectors, one of the best things about Speedmaster watches is that the modern versions offer a very similar wearing experience to the vintage models used in the early days of space exploration. A wide variety of chronographs are produced under the name Speedmaster, but OMEGA still produces versions of the classic Moonwatch powered by a traditional hand-wound movement.
The current generation of OMEGA Speedmaster is now powered by OMEGA’s latest generation in-house Master Co-Axial movement, which offers chronometer-certified performance and truly impressive anti-magnetic capabilities. However, you can still get a version of the classic moon replica watch with a solid steel case back and domed black sandstone crystal – just like the model first worn on the moon more than fifty years ago.
Designed to be as timeless a chronograph as you can get, the Speedmaster represents the perfect combination of utilitarian functionality and refinement. Despite having been in production since 1957 with only very few sporadic updates, the classic lunar watch has never looked dated and is a timepiece that can occupy a cherished place in any Rolex replica watch collection, no matter what other models are next to it. The OMEGA Speedmaster has actually traveled to and from the moon, so you know it can accompany your recent graduate into the next phase of their life – even if they have their eyes firmly set on the stars!