Cheap replica Rolex Sea-Dwelle Watch Marks 50th Anniversary

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What may seem like several minor layout changes here , and in fact there mean a large number of serious firsts with the new-for-2017 Rolex Oyster Perpetual the Sea-Dweller 4000 one of the much more crucial important to release of Baselworld 2017.
First and foremost, let’s start with the tech specs, as with this new Rolex Sea-Dwelle Watch, the Rolex Sea-Dweller has obtained five main updates: firstly, it has increased from 40mm to 43 millimeters wide, making for a rather huge difference between the Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary and the Submariner (which is 40mm). Secondly, it got a cyclops over the date, a first for a cheap Rolex Sea-Dweller and as disputable an update as the growth in size. Thirdly, it is now powered not by the 3135 but the updated 3235 caliber (the same as the Datejust 41 reviewed here). Fourthly, it has a redesigned bracelet that is now wider and makes for a more secure fit on the wrist. Finally, but not least, it pays tribute to the original Sea-Dweller of 1967.
All this, of course, mostly changes the appearance of the replica Rolex Sea-Dweller. The larger case and bracelet make it more proportionate by matching a greater diameter case with the existing thickness – that was controversial a bit disproportionate – with the 40mm width of the previous Rolex Sea-Dwelle Watch . Kepp in mind that the thickness (no official figure on it yet but check the wrist shots to get a good idea) is crucial necessary by the 4,000ft/1,220m water proof.  Rolex cheap watches
The fact which is not known for you all is that the original Rolex Sea-Dweller of 1967 did not have a cyclops because when Rolex added it to the plexiglass front, it caused structural weaknesses in it and eventually caused it to shatter before reaching the desired depth rating – and so the cyclops was omitted. The Rolex Sea-Dweller all until 2017 has maintained its cyclops-free appearance, making yet another reason for it to be a rolex Submariner alternative (as, clearly, not everyone is a fan of the cyclops-look). Now, in this point, the Rolex Sea-Dweller is more in line with all other collections, with only the Deepsea now standing out from the rest, as it still does not have a cyclops over its date aperture.
The new Rolex Sea-Dweller’s 904L Oyster bracelet is equiped with an Oysterlock safety clasp, Fliplock extension system for an added 26mm of reach along with the Rolex Glidelock system for 2mm-increment fine adjustments over a distance of 20mm. Typical Rolex Sea-Dweller feats such as the black Cerachrom bezel with PVD-applied platinum numerals, flat front sapphire crystal and 1,220m of water proof enhanced by a helium escape valve inside the left side of the case (see its components below) remain present.
Available exclusively with a black dial with white gold hands and indices and Chroma light lume, the outstanding feature (if we can call it that) here is the red Sea-Dweller designation over the usual depth rating and COSC certification reminder.
Lastly, together with the red lettering and among all other novelty factors of this Rolex Sea-Dweller, we should think the name and presentation because, in this special way, that matters too. Simply called the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, Rolex actually presented it as the 50th anniversary model in their windows around their Baselworld booth.
Last year, when everyone was looking for a new Daytona, I don’t find it a stretch to say that many were expecting for seeing something really rather near to the Newman Daytonas of old, or at least a perfect panda dial – and yet, Rolex has decided to tip-toe their way around that. Several years ago, the re-launch of the Pepsi-bezel GMT was also close to its predecessor but very clearly distinct in its colors than the real ones. So, however, we are looking at a clear reference to one of the defining aesthetic elements of an early Rolex collection, making it a small change, but possibly an excellent one for many Rolex replica watches addictives.
However, the 43mm-wide Rolex Sea-Dwelleris the new and only Rolex Sea-Dweller in town from now on, as it fully replaces the 40mm-wide Sea-Dweller 4000. It looks bold and feels heavy when you wear it on the wrist, but it carries that heft in a much more balanced manner when compared to how its predecessor had done.
What truly makes it an interesting step on Rolex’s part is how the new Rolex Sea-Dweller now blends more into the Rolex replica watches range with its cyclops fitted over its date, and how it stands out with its boldly different 43mm-wide diameter. In closing, it is worth imagining what this watch would have been like without the red text and the cyclops but everything as it is now – it would have made for a long-expected update bringing on better proportions and a larger alternative to those who have been on the lookout for something larger than a Submariner but not as bold as the Deepsea.