Luxury Replica Tudor Watches Round-Up

The introduction of more two-tone models moves on, but different from past years, there’s a lack of clarity and direction to these latest releases, which makes us think that the replica Tudor is beginning to lose the thread of what the Black Bay line was originally intended to be. Fairly, some of their new releases are still really amazing, but no matter if they really belong in the Black Bay lineup is surely a question at least.
The first particular play in the Tudor releases is this new spin on the Black Bay Chrono. While the initial version retained a much more diver-ish vibe to it on account of its steel bezel – though it already ditched the rotating bezel for a fixed tachymeter scale – this new model is actually a playoff of the ‘John Player Special’ version of the reference 6241 Rolex Daytona.
It’s funny to see that after all these years – when the fake Rolex was so intent on keeping Tudor’s designs separate from their own – that between this and last year’s Black Bay GMT, there seems to be some steering towards turning into the “poor man’s Rolex” once again. Don’t make me wrong, the build quality here is awesome, and you’re getting some killer value. Its chronograph is based on the column-wheel chronograph caliber from Breitling, with a regulating organ of Tudor’s own design. The riveted bracelet is quite well-executed, and it’s a mighty amazing watch in the metal; however Tudor isn’t a brand name that people associate with motorsports, and just throwing a motorsport-themed watch into the equation with no justification behind it comes across a little contrived.
This is a largely debated topic right now, as many people have called into question the origins of the Tudor prototype upon which the P01 is based, and whether or not it ever really existed. Per Tudor HQ, a very small number of these replica watches were built, and based on the patent information they have for the bezel locking mechanism, as well as the original prototype that the brand has on display right now, I’d tend to trust them.
Where the watch immediately took flack online was on account of its general case shape and crown position. Those long links and bezel locking mechanism give the piece a special look, and the best parallel I can really draw is a similarity between it and the Omega Proof. It’s out of the ordinary, it’s chunky, it’s bold, and some enthusiasts will love it. 
While I’ll give Tudor credit that the champagne dial they’ve added to this line is a very good looking one, this movie with the BB 41, 36, and 32, but I simply do not understand. Moving the piece to two-tone steel and gold with a 5-link bracelet inch it towards dress watch territory, yet they just released a massive collection of dress watches that now feels like its sales will be cannibalized by the Black Bay.
Of course, these pieces are a bit expensive by comparison, and the aesthetic of the snowflake hands and diver-ish dial does make them more casual than their competitors.