Omega AAA+ Quality Replica Watch with Master Chronograph Movement

As mentioned long time ago, Omega fake watch has started making timepieces which are crafted in accordance with the new type of more strict standards and fitted with brand new Co-Axial Master Chronometer movements. The first timekeeper made in this way is called Globemaster. It is made in several versions with different types of movement decorations and with different case materials, together with dial colors.
As for the aesthetics of the new watch, it is greatly inspired with some of the brand’s iconic past models from the Constellation series. One of these elements is its pan-pie type of dial which is obviously named after its distinctive shape. The steel and bi-metallic versions, on the other hand, are paired with a blue dial with sun-burst decorative pattern. Otherwise, the design of the dial is quite simplistic and contains only basic elements such as applied bar-shaped hour markers, three central hands and appropriate inscriptions. There is also a dial aperture on the very bottom of the face, at the six o’clock position.  
The other historic trait that is meant to instantly indicate that this is a watch made by the fake Omega is its peculiar fluted bezel which is also the feature of the historic brand’s pieces from the late 1960s. Combining the pan-pie dial and the fluted bezel truly gives the newcomer a hefty dose of the company’s unique id which makes the novelty clearly recognizable as a replica Omega product. The fixed bezel that is used for the stainless steel iteration of the watch is made from exceptionally hard tungsten metal material.
As pretty and filled with tributes as the appearance of the newcomer might be, Globmaster’s main straight lies in the novel type of movement that it supports. This new sort movement is dubbed Master chronometer. The behavior of the caliber is also tested when it is in different states of power reserves, placed in six different positions and exposed to two different temperatures which is all devised in order to simulate the daily influences that the movement is usually subjected to. If the movement after all these influences still shows the time with the margin of error within 5 seconds per day, it is attributed with the certification that calls it Master Chronometer.
On the contrary, the movement is a self-winding type and it is supplied with the brand’s famed co-axial type of escapement which is known for its improved features. The self-winding mechanism of the movement includes twin barrels that are set in series which are wound in both directions which largely improves the efficiency of the winding. By the way, the power reserve lasts for 60 hours.
Even though the golden versions and the steel and bi-metallic ones look the same when observed from the front, as well as support the same functions, they are supplied with different specific type of caliber.