The Second Marriage by Hani Hafiz

While I was in Tahrir, I got married for the second time

They told me, “One is enough.”

I said, “It is acceptable for me to have the second, as long as she comes first and not second.”

They said, “Of course she is a young and beautiful girl.”

I said, “More beautiful than the full moon

“White as the Huri[1] girls

Her hair is like the light of the sun

Her two eyes are blue like the sky, no clouds in them

Her body is like a date-palm in full fruit

Her tongue says, ‘I testify that there is no god but God

And that Muhammad is God’s prophet, peace and prayers be upon him.’”

They said, “You’ve married Egypt.”

I said, “There is no place among God’s countries sweeter than Egypt, and I have married Egypt

Oh Lord, please let me love Egypt as her people love her.”

They said, “We’ve witnessed the contract.”

I said, “There’s nothing better than her people as witnesses.”

They said, “God save you, and may it be a blessed marriage, blessed by God, most Glorious and High

And His prophet Muhammad, prayers and peace be upon him.

And may peace and the mercy and blessings of God be upon you.”