Time for Distinction and Deliverance

Egypt is passing through a dangerous stage. It has come to a fork in the road many months after the beginning of the great Egyptian revolution, which ended on 11 February. Following that date, groups of the elite took on the task of completing the journey towards realizing the people’s demands, thereby completing the revolution. […]

On Labor Day… The Popular Committees Demand a More Just Country

Today, the Popular Committees to Defend the Revolution came together with Egypt’s workers to celebrate the first Labor Day following the January Revolution. Today, workers stood in complete confidence, having embarked on a great revolutionary experience in which they realized their strength and ability learned that their rights can only be wrested back through continued […]

What is Salafism? A Statement and Explanation

Followed by Quotations and Legal Rulings from those Blessed with Knowledge and Exemplary Conduct Quoted in this Pamphlet: Imam al-Awza’i (may God have mercy on him) Imam al-Safarini (may God have mercy on him) Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya (may God have mercy on him) The Eminent Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Baz (may God have mercy […]

The Second Marriage by Hani Hafiz

While I was in Tahrir, I got married for the second time They told me, “One is enough.” I said, “It is acceptable for me to have the second, as long as she comes first and not second.” They said, “Of course she is a young and beautiful girl.” I said, “More beautiful than the […]

Egypt’s Children Are Not Street Children by Hani Hafiz

A president living in palaces, and with him his followers ♫ Egypt’s children are living in slums, under bridges, and on sidewalks A president who eats what he pleases, and with him his followers ♫ And Egypt’s children eat stale and leftover bread, and no one is okay… A president who gets medical treatment in […]

The President of Egypt by Hani Hafiz

A president who loves our Lord and loves Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him A president who loves our people, who does not rule them with the Emergency Law or order them around The president of Egypt is not idle; he takes his people’s money and thinks Egypt and her people are his own […]

A Letter From Egypt by Hani Hafiz

Arab and Muslim countries and their leaders May God’s blessing be upon you Greetings to the leaders and the people What I unfortunately see today happening in Muslim countries with respect to the leaders’ conduct towards their people Once upon a time we used to wage war in the name of God and say to […]

A Citizen’s Dreams

Limit the position of the President of the Republic; We want it to be parliamentary   Like England, oh gentlemen Where the monarchy is truly noble.   And oh sweet ones, we want the presidential palaces To become hotels that will make millions.   A republic, oh you best of men, where no parliamentarian Serves […]

The Statement of Shaykh Hazim Salih Abu Isma‘il on Field Marshall Tantawi’s Speech

The decisive issue for Tahrir Square right now is disarmament. We stand before a bloc of the country that does not want any more dead or wounded. They want the parliamentary and presidential elections to be held on time. The demand is the following: –          That committees be formed to oversee the Ministry of Interior […]

A Statement and a Road Map for Managing the Crisis

A Statement and a Road Map for Managing the Crisis We confirm that the demonstrators in the squares of Egypt represent a broad sector of the Egyptian people. We declare our insistence on transferring power to a civilian authority (parliament and president) elected by April 2012 at the latest, and that any agreements or dialogues […]